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to tell or not to tell 岳锦宜

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To tell or not to tell (part one)

BY 岳锦宜 Question:

1. How would Caroline feel if someone cheated on a test?

She would be pretty upset because she would have spent so much time preparing, studying for test, getting ready for it, and then someone else just cheats and maybe even makes a better grade than her after she worked so hard.

2. What other things can you keep as a secret in life?

Your age, your salary or your secrets.

3. What does the phrase cramming before the exams mean?

Cramming means that to pack something into a space very tightly. Cramming before the exams means that you try to pack all the information into your head at last minutes.

Translate the following words and phrase:

1. Burn the midnight oil: the images of a person sitting at a table working late into the night by the light of a candle or oil lamp. And that’s the word oil.

2. Pull an all nighter: If you burned the midnight oil until the sun comes up the next morning, then you’d have pulled an all nighter.

3. Peer: Look at it very closely.

4. cheat sheet: A piece of paper with answers on it or information that is related to the test.

5. justify: You did something and now you’re giving a reason for it.

6. authority: You are in control or on top of other people.

7. take matters in our own hand:You decide to do something and not tell somebody else to take care of it.

Filling the blanks: side. rang the doorbell. 4. Mark tries to his tardiness with all kinds of lame excuses.

5. Oh, I’m so glad that the test is over.

Me, too. I don’t like tests.

Nobody does. remember.

Yeah. You know, I saw something during the test.

What did you see? During the test? What are you gonna do?

Well, I’m going to tell the teacher.

You are. But… maybe he was busy and didn’t have time to study.

Well, that doesn’make time to study. ’t affect our grades.

But they could affect It’s not for hardworking students like us, if someone gets a high rank by cheating.

True. But you shouldn’t What if he wasn’t cheating?

Well, I’m just going to report what I saw. Then the teacher

To tell or not to tell (part two)

1. Who does cheating hurt more, the cheater or everybody else in the class in Caroline’s opinion?

It really hurts the person who does the cheating because that means they actually didn’t learn the information and it’s not going to be helpful to them in the future. They can’t build upon the knowledge because they don’t have it to begin with.

Translate the following words and phrase:

1. Suspended: If you suspend or get suspended from something that means that you’re not allowed to work at jobs or attend classes for a certain period of time.

2. Evidence: you have proof that something has happened.

3. Keep an eye: you are watching it very closely to see if there are any changes or odd behaviors.

4. Tell on: you are talking about something bad someone did to somebody else, especially someone in the authority.

5. Tattletale: you tall on people. (Teacher’s pet)

6. Na?ve: you maybe don’t know all the facts about something and you just kind of believe something without knowing all the facts.

7. Furthermore: moreover. Add additional information.

1. What Henry said sounded very strange. It’s hard to 2. 3. Laura was called a because she told teacher who was dating in the school.

4. 5. be happy about my promotion.

6. Prof. William is a respective professor in our school, furthermore he is loved by his students for his wit

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