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What is red and what is black?
剑预第二期 第12单元

The cat is black. What is black?

what is red?

The car is red .

What is this? What is red? The car is red.

What is red?

The ... is red. The car is red.

What is yellow?
The ... is yellow.

What is black? The cat is black

What is green?

The frog is green. …. is green.

What is this?a car. It is It is a red car.

a red bus

The bird is red. The fish is red. The horse and the car are red.

What is green? The jeep is green.

The tree is green.

The jeep is green.

The frogs and the snakes are green.

green bananas green bananas

a green banana

a yellow flower

a blue kite

a white sheep


white sheep

? sheep

a black sheep a pink sheep

What is black? The cat is black.

a black dog

The cat is black. The dog is black. The house and sheep are black.

Please show me something red!

This is red.

Let’s play. Point to the colour.

Think and find(想一想、找一找)。
? ? ? ? ? ? What is red? What is black? What is blue? What is white? What is orange? What is green?

1、抄写本单元新单词组及句子各 2遍; 2、寻找身边的颜色; 3、听本单元录音3遍。

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