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Since classmates are talking about our Chinese culture,let’s talk about something interesting,like our ancient mythology.

The legend of white snake is a love story between a white snake and a man named Xv Xian . Bai Su zhen , the white snake, had been lived on earth for thousands of years

and she had practiced herself during the years and master a lot of magic.

One day she was going to be an immortal , but she still remembered a man who saved her five hunderd year ago and she wanted to repay an obligation . finally she found the man whose previous life saved her and that man is Xv Xian at the broken bridge of west lake .

They together overcame a lot of difficulties and had a boy , but after the boy was born Bai niangzi was controled in the Fall of pagoda by a monk named Fahai on behalf of subdued demons .

? At last the boy won the first place in the national examination and he saved her mother Bai Suzhen . At last Bai Suzhen and her husband Xvxian became the immortal together.

The legend of Nezha


? Firetipped Spear (火 尖槍)

the Universe Ring(乾坤 圈)
the Red Armillary Sash(混 天绫) the Wind Fire Wheels (风火轮)

? Time:Shang Dynasty ? Place:a millitary fortress(要塞) at Chengtang Pass(关) ? Process: three years and six months a ball of flesh attack infant(婴孩)

Nezha`s conquering the Dragon King
People suffered from a severe drought.
People asked the Dragon King for rain. The Dragon King required girls and boys to eat instead of food. Nezha tried to save his friends and then killed the third son of the Dragon King.

Our little hero,Nezha

The bird Jingwei trying to fill the sea


Once upon a time, the youngest daughter of Emperor Yan, legendary ruler of primitive China, went boating on the Eastern Sea. While she was enjoying herself, a strong wind rose on the sea and her boat capsized. Just before she was buried by the surging waves, her spirit turned into a beautiful bird. As it flew over the roaring sea, it cried sadly in the sound "jingwei, jingwei". That was why people called it "Jingwei".

? The bird lived on a mountain near the sea. It hated the sea so much that it decided to fill it up. Every day, it flew to and fro between the mountain and the sea, carrying in a twig or a pebble from the mountain and dropping it into the sea.

One day, the roaring sea said to Jingwei, "Poor little bird, stop doing that meaningless thing! You'll never fill me up." Jingwei replied, "I'll fill you up no doubt! I will, even if it'll take me thousands of years! I'll fight on until doomsday!"

The brave little bird kept carrying twigs and pebbles from the mountain to the Eastern Sea without taking a rest.

From this fable comes the idiom "The bird Jingwei trying to fill the sea". We use it to describe people who are firm and indomitable and will not stop until they reach their goal.

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