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my new room公开课

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Part B

Let’s learn

What is it?
It’s big. We can put the clothes in it.


What is it?
It’s always in the bathroom. We can see ourselves in it.


What is it?
It’s colourful. It’s in front of the windows.


What is it?
It’s on the wall. In summer, it can let you feel cool.


What is it?
We can put the trash in it.

trash bin

What is it?
It’s near the bed.

end table


在 …的后面

A:Where is the cat? B:It’s behind the curtain.


在 …的旁边

A:Where is the mouse?
B:It’s near the trash bin.


在 …的下面

A:where is the mouse?
B:It’s under the chair.

in front of

在 …的前面

A: Where is the mouse?
B: It’s in front of the closet.

Where, where is the cat? Behind ,behind, behind the curtain. Where ,where is the mouse? Near ,near ,near the trash bin. Where, where is the mouse? Under,under,under the bed. Where, where is the mouse? In front of ,in front of the closet.

B: It’s in the box.

在 …的里面

A: Where is the mouse?

B: It’s on the bed.

在 …的上面

A: Where is the mouse?

B:It’s over the box.

在 …的上方

A:Where is the mouse?

Hide and seek
A:Where is the ….? B:It’s in/on/under/behind/near/

in front of /over….

1.The picture is ______ the bed. over

2.The lamp is ______ the desk. on

3.The cat is behind the curtain. ______

4.The ruler is ______the pencil-case. in

5.The chair is in front of _________the table.

6.The book is ______the walkman. under

7.The end table is ______ the bed. near

This is my room. There is a doll on the sofa. There is a trash bin near the shelf.

I like this room.

You should keep your room clean and tidy.

2.设计一个你喜欢的房间并运用学所单词 和句型介绍给你的同桌听。

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