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第I卷 听力部分(共25分)

一.情景反应:根据所听句子,选择正确的答语。(读两遍,10分) ( ) 1. A. It’s Monday. B. It’s Saturday. C. It’s Friday.

( ) 2. A. I like apples. B. I like koalas. C. He likes dogs.

( ) 3. A. Yes, I can. B. Yes, I do. C. Yes, I can’t.

( ) 4. A.John Miller. B.6220-5184. C.Xinhua Street.

( ) 5. A. Pink. B.English. C. Dancing.


6. —Where is my baseball? —It’s the sofa.

7. —How much is the pen? —It’s yuan.

8. —Is the in the drawer? —Yes, it is.

9. —How can I get there? —You can get there 10. —What time do you usually get up? —I usually get up

at .

第II卷 笔试部分(共75分)

一. 选择题 (10小题,共15分)

( ) 11. _________. Is there a bank around here?

A. Sorry B. Hello C. Excuse me D. Hi

( ) 12. Let’s _________ now.

A. goes home B. to go home C. go home D. to go to

( ) 13.—How much are these shoes?

—_________ twenty dollars.

A. Are B. There C. They’re D. Their

( ) 14. —________you play the violin? —Yes, I can.

A. Are B. Can C. Is D. When

( ) 15. I want __________ the music club.

A. join B. to join C. joins D. be join

( ) 16.-What’s your favorite______? —Red.

A. sport B. color C. subject D. movie

( ) 17.-Where is the monkey’s house?

-It’s next the tiger’s.

A. to B. with C. in D. for

( ) 18. Don’t eat too much ’ll be fat.

A. tomatoes B. chocolate C. oranges D. hamburgers

( is our motherland(祖国).

A. Chinese B. China C.America D. American

( favorite subject is geography.

A. My sister B. My sister’s C. My sisters D. My brother


This is a classroom. The classroom is big and . You can see a teacher’six chairs.

You can see a boy and a girl, too.

’on .

teacher is Miss Green.



A dog has a large piece of meat(肉)in his mouth. As he is walking on a small bridge, he looks down and sees himself in the water. He thinks it is another dog. That dog also has a large piece of meat in his mouth. He thinks, “I want to get his meat, then I can have two pieces.” He opens his mouth to bark(叫),and his meat goes down into the water.


( ) 31. There are two dogs here.

( ) 32 .The dog in the water is himself.

( ) 33.The dog gets two pieces of meat at last.

( ) 34.The dog loses(丢失) his meat when he opens his mouth.

( ) 35. The dog is very clever.


It’s Saturday. Tina calls her good friend, Mary, at eight o’clock in the morning. She wants Mary to go to the clothes store with her. She wants to

buy a new skirt. Mary is happy to go. After breakfast Tina takes No. 5 bus to go to the clothes store. She gets there at nine twenty. And Mary gets there at nine twenty, too. They see many kinds of skirts in the store. Tina likes a long red skirt, and it’s only twenty dollars. She takes it. Then they ( A. Sunday B. Saturday C. Monday D. Friday

( A. shoe B. clothes C. toy D. fruit

( A. unhappy B. glad C. sad D. tired

( ) 39.the meaning of the underlined word “restaurant”A. 学校 B. 游戏厅 C. 餐馆 D. 图书馆

( ) 40. How much is the long red dress?

A. twenty Yuan B.twenty dollars D. twelve Yuan D.twelve dollars

四.句型转换(每空1分,共15分) 对划线部分提问) you like monkeys?

42. We have science class at eight o’clock.(改为否定句)

We science class at eight o’clock.

43. A big tree is behind the house.(改为同义句)

The house is a big tree.


do you often get up?

45. She does well in dancing. (改为同义句)

She dancing. 对划线部分提问)

your father ?


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