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The Successful Launch of Chang’e 3 Lunar Probe

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Chang’e 3 Lunar Probe
? An enhanced Long March-3B rocket, blasted off from

the Xi Chang Satellite Launch Center in southwest China at 1:30 a.m December 2 2013.长征三号乙运载火 箭于2013年12月2号凌晨1点30分从位于中国西南部的西 昌卫星发射中心发射.

Some pictures about Chang’e 3 lunar probe


Total process
1.The launch of Chang’e 2.The separation of booster 3.The separation of the one or two rocket 4.Fairing separation

5.The separation of the two or three rocket 6.Satellite rocket separation
7.Solar wing spreading 8.Entering reserved orbit

Chang'e-3 has landed on the moon at 21:00 on December 14 2013 ,becoming China's first spacecraft to soft land on the surface of an extraterrestrial body. 嫦娥三号于2013年12月14日晚21时中旬着陆,成为中国首 个实现外星球软着陆的宇宙飞行器。

Chang‘e-3 lunar probe consists of a lunar rover and a lander.嫦娥三号由月球车和着陆器构成。 Yutu lunar rover goes cruising on the moon.The lander is in
the fixed-point.月球车将在月面巡游,着陆器则定点守候


Yutu lunar rover

The five-star red flag appeared for the first time on the moon.


1.The lunar soft landing 2.The lunar exploration survey

3.Lunar survival

4.Measurement and control communication

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