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When western arts meet eastern arts

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When western arts meet eastern arts

Ladies and Gentlemen, goood moring! I`m very glad to stand here and give you a short speech.

A long time ago, there were two children, a boy and a girl, living in a big mountain. The difference is that one was living on one side of the mountain while the other lived on the opposite side. They have no chance to meet each other.Both of them were gifted in many ways.

First of all, they were both interested in drawing.The boy preferred to draw pictures using many kinds of colors.The girl was expert in wash painting. Then, they both liked singing.The girl was in fond of singing surrounded by nature while the boy was good at songs that he could dance to.What`s more,they learnt to write poems.The style of the boy`s poetry were almost romantic and mysterious.But the girl usually wrote poems that were concise and profound.

Gradually they grew older, they left their birthplace, maybe at the same time, maybe one after another. We do not know exactly.Then they met.Initially they couldn`t agree with each other about some questions.For instance, the boy thought it a bit monotonous to draw with the ink and wash and considered it should have been much more colorful. Similarly, when singing, the girl would sing implicitly rather than do it in bold and unconstrained way like her counterpart. They also differ in conveying their feelings via poems.

However, they finally became friends.They sometimes use the other for reference.Actually,the boy comes from westard,and the girl`s hometown is east,If we assume that the boy stands for western arts and the girl represents eastern arts,when western arts meet eastern arts,there would unavoidably be a big bang. Different arts collide at first or even fight.Yet over time, there would be understanding and comunicating at last.

Exactly,as a college student, it`s our duty to try our best to learn the western arts as well as eastern arts,understand and respect for the unique cultural products ,and build up the equal multicultural values.

Which can not be ignored,it is the styles and characteristics of each nation region that forms the variety of the world culture that human in possesss (of).(这句可以不要了)

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