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史铁生(1951年1月4日—2010年12月31日),原籍河北涿县,1951年出生于北京,1967年毕业于清华大学附属中学,1969年去延安一带插队。因双腿瘫痪于1972年回到北京。后来又患肾病并发展到尿毒症,需要靠透析维持生命。自称是“职业是生病,业余在写作”。史铁生创作的散文《我与地坛》鼓励了无数的人。2002年获华语文学传媒大奖年度杰出成就奖。曾任中国作家协会全国委员会委员,北京作家协会副主席,中国残疾人协会评议委员会委员。2010年12月31日凌晨3点46分因突发脑溢血逝世。 He (on January 4, 1951-December 31, 2010), originally from hebei chohsien, born in Beijing in 1951, graduated from tsinghua university in 1967 affiliated middle school, in 1969, he went to the yenan area cut in line. For paralyzed legs in 1972 returned to Beijing. Then a kidney disease and development to uremia, need to rely on dialysis to maintain life. The self-styled

"professional is ill, amateur in writing". He creation's prose "I and ditan" encouraged thousands of people. In 2002 attains the Chinese literature media award year outstanding achievement award. Served as a national committee of the Chinese writers association, vice chairman of the Beijing writers association, the China disabled association assessment committee members. December 31, 2010 at three in the morning for a brain hemorrhage 46 points, died.

1958年入北京东城区王大人胡同小学读书,1967年毕业于北京清华大学附属中学。1969年到陕西延川插队落户。1972年回北京,1974—1981年在北京新桥街道工厂做工,后因病停薪留职,回家养病。 1979年发表第一篇小说《法学教授及其夫人》,以后陆续发表中、短篇小说多篇,1983年他参加中国作家协会。从1986年起,即为北京作家协会合同制作家,后为北京作家协会驻会作家,一级作家职称。1996年11月,短篇小说《老屋小记》获得《东海》文学月刊“三十万东海文学巨奖”金奖。小说《我的遥远的清平湾》、《奶奶的星星》分获1983、1984年全国优秀短篇小说奖,作品风格清新,温馨,富有哲理和幽默感,在表现方法上追求现实主义和象征手法的结合,在真实反映生活的基础上注意吸收现代小说的表现技巧,从成名作《我的遥远的清平湾》到《插队的故事》,作品从内容到形式技巧都显出异乎寻常平淡而拙朴,属意蕴深沉的“散文化”作品。 1958 Beijing dongcheng district WangDaRen alley in primary school in 1967, graduated from Beijing tsinghua university affiliated middle school. 1969 to shaanxi YanChuan cut in line here. 1972 years back to Beijing, 1974-1981 years of xinqiao street in Beijing factory work, because of sickness after a maximum emotional, home for illness. In 1979 the first published novel law professor and his wife ", one after another, short story published more than paper, in 1983 he took part in the Chinese writers association. Since 1986, namely for the Beijing writers

association contract writer, after Beijing writers association for in will writer, level 1 writer titles. In November 1996, short novel "the clearing XiaoJi" won the east China sea "literature

monthly" three hundred thousand east China sea literature JuJiang "gold medal. Novel "my distant qingping bay", "the grandmother of the stars" sharing in 1983 and 1984, the national excellent short story award, the work style is pure and fresh, warm and philosophical and sense of humor, the ways of expression in the pursuit of realism and symbolism union, in the real reflection life based on the performance of the modern novel absorbed attention skills, from well-known "my distant qingping bay" to "cut in line of the story, the work from content to form skills are the unusual show himself bland, the implication of the deep" prosification works ".

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