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The kite runner

-----Khaled Hosseini

? Set in Afghanistan and the United States between the 1970s to the present day. ? Those aspects impressed me a lot ? Amir ---felt guilty for his mother ---want dad’s approval ---be jealous of Hassan’s talent for running kite.

? Hassan ---loyalty to Amir ---sacrifice for Amir --- approval of Amir’s father ……

The most attractive part
? Chapter twenty-two ? ―I do not know at what point I started laughing, but I did. It hurt to laugh, hurt my jaws, my ribs, my throat. But I was laughing and laughing. And the harder I laughed, the harder he kicked me ,punched me, scratched me.‖

? “what was so funny was that, for the first time since the winter of 1975,I felt at peace.‖ ? ―I laughed because I saw that, in some hidden nook in a corner of my mind.‖ ? ―My body was broken—just how badly I would not find out until later– but I felt healed. Healed at last. I laughed.‖

? Reason : --- the real beginning of his redemtion. --- He saved not only Sohrab but also himself.



For you, a thousand times over

? Hasson ugly and harelip but count for noting in front of his noble character. ? Amir loves Hasson though he don’t find it. Something that none can escape. That’s why he came back to afghan to rescue sohrab latter.

First time
? He was already turning the street corner, his rubber boots kicking up snow. He stopped, turned. He cupped his hands around his mouth. ―For you, a thousand times over!‖ he said. Then he smiled his Hassan smile and disappeared around the corner. The next time I saw him smile unabashedly like that was twenty-six years later, in a faded Polaroid photograph

second time
? Twenty years latter in Afghan when Amir was hurt in the hospital.

Third time
? “Do you want me to run that kite for you?‖ ? His Adam’s apple rose and fell as he swallowed. The wind lifted his hair. I thought I saw him nod. ? ―For you, a thousand times over.‖ I heard myself say. ? Then I turned and ran. ? Amir become the man who can give promise and take his responsibility.

? Everyone may make mistake that can never turn back. But to escape or to face, it’s your choice that counts. ? During the first half of his life, Amir was escape. Escape from his friendship, fault and responsibility. Finally, he chose to face. He caught the chance to be good again.

? We are all kite runners, so , be a good runner ,please find the right direction.

The kite runner
? ? ? ? Love Fear Sense of guilty Atone for his crime


▲The first part of questions —— Question①??Why is Amir afraid to be Hassan's true friend?

My point of view——
? 1、Amir and Hassan are of two totally different social status——Amir is not brave enough to be a friend of his servant. ? Amir is a childe(少爷,公子哥) from a rich family in Afghanistan, but Hassan is just his little servant, a

Hazara(哈扎拉) boy who is not considered a member of Afghans.

? So, Anir may think it a shame to make friend with his servant. And he don't want Hassan to ruin his image. ? Also, since Amir is very timid, he is afraid of hearing other people's discussion about him and Hassan, he is afraid of other people's laughing at him.

? And I'd like to show you some evidences from the book which can prove my idea.
? ----When Amir and Hassan come across Assef and his friends on the street, he asked Assef to let them go, for they haven't bothered him. But Assef says:" You are bothering me. It is Hassan and his people who pollute our land. But how can you play with him, and even call him your friend?" ? However, Amir just wanted to say:" He is not my friend! He is my servant!" ? ----When Baba's friends came to visit with their kids, he didn't ever include Hassan in their games. He only play with Hassan only when no one else around.

2、Hassan is brave and brilliant. It seems that Hassan could do everything better than him. He is afraid of having a servant friend who is better than him.

3、Amir knows that Hassan treats him with all his heart, better than treating a friend but rather like treating his brother. Hassan tries everything he could to make Amir happy, to protect Amir. But, Amir knows he is not able to do what Hassan does for him to Hassan, and he is even not brave enough to it. So, the sense of guilt is the only feeling of Amir about Hassan, but not love. It is this feeling that makes Amir afraid to be Hassan's true friend.

Question②??Why dose Amir constantly test Hassan's loyalty?
? 1、Amir can't not be loyal to Hassan. But Hassan is absolutely loyal to Amir. So, Amir is still not sure there should be a totally loyal person in the world. ? In other word, Amir couldn't trust Hassan's loyalty completely.

? 2、Amir can't treat Hassan with all his heart, but Hassan can do this towards Amir. So Amir feels guilty and embarrassed to Hassan. ? So the purpose of his testing is to try to find Hassan's selfishness so that he could feel relieved, not that stressful.

Question③??Why does Amir resent Hassan?
? 1、Hassan is like Amir's father, brave and intelligent. He can do everything better than Amir except studying. But Amir is totally the different. So Amir thinks Hassan robs him of his father's love and careness. But his father is the most great person in his eye. ? Because of Amir's eveiness, he resent Hassan.

? 2、Hassan always do whatever Amir asked him to do, and he is wholly loyal to Amir. And this makes Amir very uneasy and guilty. ? Especially after Amir watches Hassan's being mistreated, he feels he has no courage to face Hassan. But Hassan still tries hard to fix their friendship. It bothered him a lot. ? So, the sense of guilty and his unwillingness to face reality make Amir resent Hassan.

Question④??After the kite fighting tournament, why does Amir no longer want to be Hassan's


? Amir treats Hassan like a toy, but Hassan never give in when fighting for Amir. He even choose to lose his dignity for Amir's desire. But Amir choose to stand by when Hassan is in trouble. ? So when Amir's heart aches everytime he meets Hassan. He feels ashamed and guilty. He wonders how timid and selfish he is when compared with Hassan, he even starts to look down upon himself.

In this way, being a friend of Hassan is really a painful thing to Amir, for it could always make Amir feel bad about himself. So he would like Hassan disappears in his life.


▲The second part of questions ——
What’s the significance of the novel’s title? What might be kite fighting tournament symbolize? Does the competition’s combination of physical brutality and aesthetic beauty parallel any other aspects of the book?

The significance of the title
? Kite runner 1: Hassan (in the past) kite represents the friendship between Hassan and Amir ? Kite runner 2: Amir (now) for Sohrab ? Kite runner 3: Soraya for her happiness ? Kite runner 4:Soraya and Amir’s fathers for the wish of coming home

The kite runner is a key in the novel. It combines everyone together. And form the whole story

kite fighting tournament symbolizes
? It symbolizes people’s competition between the things that people want to get ,such as honor or something else ? It also symbolizes the fighting between something opposite in people’s heart

The combination

Cooperation and success


Hassan’s painful experience

? It reflects the conflict between goodness and evil ? And it shows Amir’ fighting in his heart ? It suggests the following story: Amir’s atonement


——By Group Four 陈杉杉 杨馨迪 刘奇芬 刘琼

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