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Christmas Day

圣诞节—Christmas Day
? The origin of the Christmas圣诞节的由来 ? Christmas customs of different countries不同国 家的圣诞节习俗 ? Santa‘s origin圣诞老人的由来 ? The origin of the Christmas tree圣诞树的由来 ? Christmas CARDS and Christmas dinner圣诞卡 和圣诞大餐

The origin of the Christmas
? Christmas commemorates the birth of Jesus buttes holiday, but Jesus was born on December 25 sunrise. Unable to fastidious But on December 25th each year was designated as Christmas has become practices.圣 诞节是为了纪念耶稣的诞生而立的节日,但耶稣就是在12 月25日出生就无法考究了。但每年的12月25日被定为圣 诞节已成为惯例。

Christmas customs of different countries
? We all know that Christmas is a western festival, was born in different countries and their customs and different, it is several major western customs.

? 我们都知道圣诞节是 西方的节日,诞生对于 不同的国家,他们的 习俗又有所不同,一 下是几个主要的西方 国家的习俗。

? Britain : they think Christmas must eat a great time. So Christmas dinner is extremely rich, including pork and roast Turkey, Christmas pudding, Christmas break hamburger... And so on. Everyone has a gift, and even servants have, gifts at Christmas morning dispense. Sometimes what every choir singing Christmas songs out the door, they will also be master please into the house, entertaining tea or give little gift.

? 英国:他们认为圣诞节必 须吃得痛快。所以圣诞大 餐极为丰富,包括猪肉、 烤火鸡、圣诞布丁、圣诞 碎肉饼......等等。家里每 一个人都有一份礼物,连 仆人也有,礼物都在圣诞 节的早晨分赠。有时逢唱 诗班逐门逐户唱圣诞歌时, 他们也会被主人请进屋里, 招待茶点或赠予小礼物。

? The United States: a free and colorful countries, Christmas is the day they happy carnival. America's national complex, so its celebration often different because immigrants varied. Most of the interior have chic decorate, hanging outside the wreath and beautiful colourful decorations. ? 美国:一个自由且多 彩的国家,圣诞节是 他们快乐狂欢的日子。 美国的民族复杂,所 以其庆祝方式常因移 民的不同而有所差异。 大部分室内都有别致 的布置,门外悬挂着 美艳的花环及绮丽的 饰物。

? : Christmas Eve, family around the tree "symbol" sexually compromising, give the child tells the story of the old grandfather absurd pioneer. On Christmas day, middleclass below, vying to big store buying gifts exchanged between friends. ? 俄罗斯:圣诞前夕, 家人围绕着象征“新 岁的树”,给孩子讲 述荒诞的老祖父拓荒 故事。在圣诞节当天, 中产阶级以下的人, 争往大商店抢购礼物 互赠亲友。

Santa‘s o

? Once there was an old man named Nicholas, his favorite help poor family life. One time he help three poor little send their three bags of gold after being sold to escape the misfortune. When Nicholas secretly put one bag of gold to one woman, he took the gold from them, just throw it in a window into the walls of the king in a stocking. And so, people in order to commemorate him, will present to in the Christmas gifts of socks to house to house to approach the candy . ? 从前有一个老人,名叫尼古拉斯,他一生最爱帮助贫穷的 人家。其中有一次他帮助三个贫穷的少后送他们三袋金子 以逃过被卖的不幸。当尼古拉斯偷偷把其中一袋金子送给 其中一名女子时,他把金子从其中一个窗户扔进去,恰好 掉进景在壁上的一长袜中。于是,人们为了纪念他,就将 礼物以放在圣诞袜子的送礼方法家挨户地去要糖果。

Now of Santa Claus
? Then evolved into a beautiful legend, namely the night on Christmas Eve, Christmas husband guild driving with a sleigh pulled by reindeer gift ready for some this year to show good kid, he will quietly house inside the chimney, gift stuffed in hanging in the head of a bed socks. So the child would put the strips of colour profusion stockings at the head of a bed, and in the socks to put a cup of hot milk beside the household of Santa Claus thirst, and send gift to yourself. ? 后来就演变成了一个美丽的传说,即在平安夜的晚上,圣 诞节老公公会驾着驯鹿雪橇满载着礼物准备送点这一年来 表现很好的小朋友,他会悄悄地从烟囱爬进屋内,礼物塞 在挂在床头的袜子里。所以孩子总会把一条条色彩缤纷的 袜子挂在床头,并在袜子旁边放杯热牛奶给劳苦功高的圣 诞老人解渴,并送份大礼给自己。

The origin of the Christmas tree
? Supposedly, the Christmas tree appears the earliest in ancient Rome mid-december, Germany, the saturnalia preacher in the 8th century A.D. gus El nino longitudinal tree with honors. Later, the germans 24 December as Adam and eve festival, at home Eden. Put symbol "Paradise" trees, hanging represent the holy bread, cookies sin; symbol Still, symbol of Christ with a candle on. To the 16th century, religious reformer, Martin Luther King to seek a starry Christmas Eve at home, the design gives cloth Buy a single pack candles Christmas tree. ? 据称,圣诞树最早出现在古罗马12月中旬的农神节,德国 传教士尼古斯在公元8世纪 用纵树供奉圣婴。随后,德国 人把12月24日作为亚当和夏娃的节日,在家放上象征伊甸 园 的“乐园树”,上挂代表圣饼的小甜饼,象征赎罪; 还点上蜡烛,象征基督。 到16世纪,宗教改革者马丁.路 德,为求得一个满天星斗的圣诞之夜,设计出在家中布 置一颗装着蜡烛的圣诞树。

The origin of the Christmas tree
? However,the west about

the origin of the popular Christmas tree with another idea: have a good Farmers, on Christmas day, warmly hosted a homeless child, parting, children under a folding branches stuck in the ground Children become trees, branches immediately to farmers concerning this tree, the tree, said today with all year, in order to repay your gift Hospitality. So, today people see the Christmas tree always hung a small gift. ? 但是在西方关于圣诞树的来历流行着另一种说法:有个善 良的 农民,在圣诞节那天,热情地招待了一名流浪的孩 子,临别时,孩子折下一树枝插在地上 树枝立即长成大 树,孩子指着这树对农民说,每年今日,树上都长满礼物, 以报答你们的 盛情。所以,今天人们所见的圣诞树上总 是挂满了小礼物。

Christmas CARDS and Christmas dinner
? According to the bible, the saints from the east when the church of the nativity presented gifts, and that is Santa Claus for son virgin gifts practices origin. British children in the stockings on Christmas Eve on the fireplace, believe that Santa Claus will be at night from the big chimney down, bring them to full socks gift. French children's shoes on the door, let "el nino, the gift to put shoes inside." The world's first is a Christmas in 1843 British proposal and send out. ? 据《圣经》记载,来自东方的圣人在耶稣降生的时候赠送 礼物,这就是圣诞老人为儿 童赠送礼品习俗的由来。英 国少年儿童在圣诞前夕把长统袜子放在壁炉旁,相信圣诞 老人 在夜里会从大烟囱下来,给他们带来满袜子的礼物。 法国的少年儿童把鞋放在门口,让“ 圣婴来时把礼物放 在鞋里面。”世界上第一张圣诞卡是1843年英国人提议并 送出的。

Christmas CARDS and Christmas dinner
? As Chinese New Year as europeans eat year Christmas are paying attention to the whole family gather around the tree, total into holiday meal. Eat Turkey dinner customs began in 1620. This custom filled in the United States. The British Christmas dinner is kaoe, not Turkey. Mr Italians love in restful night covenant, the family lastborns friends in droves to the restaurant to eat a meal, including grand Christmas meal, Turkey, la chicken, roast cowboy meat and pig leg is essential, accompanied by wines while, eat everyone good cheer. ? 正像中国人过春节吃年饭一样,欧美人过圣诞节也很注重 全家人围坐在圣诞树下,共 进节日美餐。 圣诞大餐吃火 鸡的习俗始于1620年。这种风俗盛于美国。英国人的圣诞 大餐是烤鹅, 而非火鸡。奥大利人爱在平安夜里,全家 老小约上亲友成群结队地到餐馆去吃一顿圣诞大 餐,其 中,火鸡、腊鸡、烧牛仔肉和猪腿必不可少,同时伴以名 酒,吃得大家欢天喜地 。


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