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? Hallow = holy, like a monk ? Saint = holy person who has died
? November 1 = All Saints Day This is a day when the Christian churches celebrate the lives of all the holy people who have died. ? October 31 = All Hallow Evening, or Holy evening ? Hallow Evening ? Halloween

? Halloween used to be a holy evening when the spirits of the good saints came back to earth. ? Over the past few hundred years, people started believing that the evil spirits came back on the same night ? Now, Halloween usually concentrates only on the evil spirits, not the good spirits. All Saints Day is for the good spirits.


? Costumes are usually worn on Halloween ? Witches are by far the most popular costume ? Since the Pirates of the Caribbean movies came out, pirate costumes are very popular now ? When you go door-to-door trick-or-treating, you have to wear a costume, or you will not get any candy.


? Many houses will put a carved pumpkin in front of the house. ? It is also called a jack-o-lantern ? Cut the top, remove the seeds, carve a scary face, and then place a candle in it for light at night. ? Most Americans throw out the pumpkin seeds. ? Some people also carve smiling faces on their pumpkins.

Witches, bats, black cats

? There are both good witches and bad witches. ? On Halloween, it seems that we only remember the bad witches. ? Witches will melt if you throw water on them ? Witches are often shown flying on brooms – sort of like a qiddich match in Harry Potter….only scarier. Much scarier. ? Black cats are often witch’s pets, that is why they are scary. ? Bats are a symbol of vampires. That naturally makes them scary.

Trick or treat - candy

? While in costume, you go to a house, ring the doorbell, then say “trick-or-treat”. The person at the door should give you a piece of candy. ? The orange pumpkins in the photo are for holding candy. ? When I was a boy, we used much larger bags. If you lived in a neighborhood with many homes, you could get 200 pieces of candy in a couple of hours. ? My mom would tell us to eat just two pieces a day, but we usually ate at least ten pieces a day.

Halloween Party

? Many adults go to Halloween parties. It is the only time of the year adults can wear a costume. ? Many bars will host Halloween parties. If you wear a costume, you might get a discount on drinks or free entry to the party.

Lan Kwai Fong Halloween in Hong Kong

? They look like they have bodies, but they can pass through walls and can fly ? They sometimes appear in photographs even though the photographer did not see them when he took the picture.

? A man who has been bitten by a werewolf will turn into a werewolf every time there is a full moon. So that means 13 times a year he will turn into a werewolf. ? Only silver can kill a werewolf, so always carry something silver with you.

? Vampires are like t

he undead. ? They need to drink blood as their only source of food. ? They can be killed by sunlight or a wooden stake driven through the heart. ? Garlic and Christian crosses keep them away

? Put together in a laboratory from the parts of dead bodies ? Brought to life by electricity in lightning ? The scientist put a criminal’s brain into the monster, so the monster turned into a bad person

? Recently dead people come back to life as zombies ? They need to eat live humans ? They can be killed (again) by hitting them on the head.

Horror Films popular on Halloween

Dracula (1931 version)

The Exorcist

The Sixth Sense

The Blair Witch Project



The Ring

Night of the Living Dead

Shaun of the Dead

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