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Differences between Chinese and western architecture

Ancient times
The prototypes of the original house
? habitating with trees ? Living in caves

? After the construction of the house,the living condition has been greatly improved.

? developed independently

different architectural styles

? ? ? ? ? ? Architectural materials Architectural structures Architectural beauty Architectural distributions Architectural development Architectural value concepts

1.Architectural materials
? Chinese architects used woods as the main building materials. ? Delicate ? Tough ? Morbidezza(细腻,柔美)

? The line of beauty and the vividness(生动、活泼) of the artistic conception take priority.

Architectural materials
? The main building material of the western traditional architecture is stone. ? Straightforward ? Simple ? Rigid ? Majestic(庄严的,宏伟 的) ? The architectural form is thick and heavy.

2.Architectural structures
? Traditional Chinese people believe in the idea of nature-human integration.
? So Chinese people advocate that men should keep a harmonious relationship with nature. ? “天地者,万物之父母也。” ——《庄子· 达生》 ? “人法地,地法天,天法道,道法自然。” ——《老子》

Architectural structures
? required to be like the nature ? many small hills and ponds ? pursuing the harmony of the man, the architecture and the nature.

Architectural Structures
As for Western people, they advocate individualism which cares much about the individual.

Thus the Western buildings tend to be detached(分离的, 分开的) patterns while most Chinese traditional buildings are aggregate(聚集的) patterns.

3.Architectural Beauty

Reason: the different aesthetic standards and value concepts

Architectural Beauty
? The geomantic(风水的) culture and the theory of the five natural elements are very popular in Chinese architecture。 ? Harmony ? Morbidezza(细腻,柔美)

Architectural Beauty
?Western architects care much about aesthetic geometry (几何美) in their architecture.
? Spectacular(壮观) ? Sublime(壮美)

4 Architectural Distribution
? Chinese traditional architecture is built in group. That is, many individual architectures make up a big architectural group. ? They extend crosswise in space, required axial symmetry. ? The city distribution is always rectangular. ? The whole style is introversive, close, strict and these reflect the implication and privacy.

Architectural Distribution
? The westerners believe in God and have a kind of extraordinary devotion in religion. ? The heaven is in the above, and the hell is in the below.

Architecture distribution
? Most of the western traditional architecture extends vertically in the space, requires to be tall. ? Their city distribution is usually concentric.

? The whole style

is extroverted, open, active, enterprising and free.

5.Architectural development
? Chinese architecture presented differently as the development of the time, but there are few special styles.

Architectural development
? The western architecture developed obviously, showed different styles in different period.

Ancient Greek And Roman Architecture
Temple of Concordia

Parthenon temple

Roman Architecture
The Pantheon

Triumphal Arch

Renaissance Architecture
Interior of Amiens

Interior of Pantheon

Baroque Architecture

Trevi Fountain

Palace of Versailles

6 Architectural Value Concepts
?Chinese traditional architecture
Ⅰ.emphasizing on goodness Ⅱ.paying attention to the

architectural practicality.

Architectural Value Concepts
? Western traditional architecture Ⅰ.showing the eternality

Ⅱ.God’s creation
Ⅲ.prominence to beauty is given. Ⅳ.architectural artistry takes priority.


What we can see from the above is that Chinese and Western architecture represent two terminals due to their different ?history origins ?religion ?psychological constructions ?ethic nation ?ways of thinking ?value orientation ?…

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