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10. Product Improvement产品改进

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10. Product Improvement 产品改进

1 Words and Phrases 单词和词组

appreciate珍惜,感谢 get back to you回来找你 streamline使…提高效率 would like to follow up想要继续 modification变动,修订 thanks for hearing me out谢谢您听完我的意见 cost factor成本因素 a fairly easy way一个相对简单的办法 preliminary初步的 be pretty reasonable非常合理 concept观点 the beauty of the idea这个建议的优点 specific具体的 it’ll work,for sure它肯定可行 teething problems初期的问题 funnily enough有意思的是 end product最终产品 a fairly standard problem一个相对常见的问题 timeliness时效性 pretty normal很正常

2 Sentences重点句型

1. What can we do about it?我们对此该怎么办呢?

2. That’s the right way to go. 这是正确的办法。

3. That’s a considerable saving. 这节省了相当可观的成本呢。

4. The program needs to be modified. 这个程序需要变动。

5. Any cost factors can be easily analysed. 所有的成本因素都可以被轻松分析出来。

6. I appreciate the chance to explain my ideas. 感谢您给我阐明观点的机会。

7. That’s going to make things easier to arrange. 这样事情就好安排了。

8. The outlay would be returned within 6 months. 半年就可以收回成本。

9. I’d like to follow up on our recent conversation. 我想继续我们最近的谈话。

10. There’s a fairly easy way to improve the process. 这是改进生产过程的相对简单的方法。

11. They did say there might be some teething problems.


12. The production costs would come down by about 10%. 生产成本将会降低10%左右。

13. You’re the third person who has come to me about that. 你是第三个找我说这件事的人。

14. It is a fairly standard problem with custom programming.


15. Here’s a set of suggestions to make the program work better


3 Dialogue 1

An employee suggests improvements in the production process.

A: Sorry I haven’t been able to get back to you for a while but, I’m here now and would like to follow up on our conversation the other day.

B: Thanks for hearing me out. I appreciate the chance to explain my idea.

A: What you were saying is, you have an idea to streamline the production process? B: Yes, that’s right. I believe there’s a fairly easy way to improve the process but it will require a few modifications.

A: Any cost factor can easily be analysed in terms of the economics involved.

B: I have made some preliminary estimates of what would be necessary and calculate that the

outlay would be returned within 6 months.

A: That’s a pretty reasonable time frame which, I’m sure, the company would be willing to accept.

B: The beauty of the idea is that the production costs would come down by about 10%. A: That’s a considerable saving, if the concept works.

B: I’ve got no doubts about that, it will work, for sure. I’ve drawn up a set of plans on what would be required.

A: That’s the right way to go. I will need to have a close look before I take it on to management.

B: I understand that. That’s why I have set out all the details supporting my ideas. 对话1 一名员工建议改进生产过程

A: 抱歉前一阵儿没能再找你,不过现在我来了,想继续咱们那天的谈话。

B: 谢谢您听完我的意见。感谢您给我阐明观点的机会。

A: 以前你说,有使生产过程提高效率的办法是吗?

B: 是的。我相信有相对简单的改进生产过程的方法,不过这需要做一些修改。 A: 所有的成本因素都能根据相关经济情况轻松分析出来。

B: 我已经初步估算了需要的成本,计算出半年内就能收回成本。

A: 半年是很合理的时间,我肯定公司会愿意接受的。

B: 这个方案的优点在于生产成本将会降低10%左右。

A: 这节省了相当可观的成本,如果方案可行的话。

B: 我毫不怀疑这一点,肯定会有效果的。我已经起草了一套改革规划。

A: 这是正确的做法。在呈交给管理层之前我会仔细看一下的。

B: 我明白。所以详细陈述了所有支撑我建议的依据。

4 Dialogue 2

An employee discusses ways to improve a design with the Supervisor.

A: I’ve been using this program for the past 3 months and it needs to be modified to make it work properly.

B: Funnily enough, you’re the third person who has come to me about that.

A: I’ve been speaking to the others to get their ideas and we are all finding the same problems.

B: Unfortunately, the other people told me what was wrong but weren’t very specific about what they wanted done to improve things.

A: That may be because they aren’t into the actual programming side of things. They’re more, just operators.

B: I know you’ve got a fairly good background in computers so, maybe, you have some specific proposals.

A: Yes I do. This is a fairly standard problem with custom programming when the programmers don’t actually have to use the program on a daily basis.

B: Well, they did say there might be some teething problems.

A: Yeah, that’s pretty normal. It’s only when you get down to the daily routine work that the flaws get noticed.

B: What can we do about it?

A: Here is a list of all the problem areas and a set of suggestions of how the program needs to be changed to make it work better.

B: That’s going to make things easier to arrange. I’ll have a look at this and get back to you. 对话2 员工和主管讨论程序改进

A: 过去3个月我都在使用这个程序,发现程序需要改进才能更好地工作。

B: 有意思的是,你是第三个来找我说这事儿的人了。

A: 我也一直在和别人谈起这事儿,问他们的意见,结果是我们都发现了同样的问题。 B: 可惜虽然其他人也告诉我出错的原因,却没有具体说明想用什么办法来改进。 A: 那可能是因为他们没有深入实际编程方面的工作吧。他们主要还是操作者。 B: 我知道你有很好的计算机方面的知识,或许你有些具体建议喽?

A: 嗯,我有一些。这是定制程序的一个相对常见的问题,这个程序使程序员不必天天操作程序。

B: 嗯,不过他们说可能开始会有一些适应期的问题。

A: 是的,这很正常。只有你开始天天做常规工作时才会发现纰漏。

B: 那我们该怎么办呢?

A: 这是一份所有问题的列表和一套优化程序的建议。

B: 这样事情就更好安排了。我会看一下这些再回来找你。

5 Exercises

A Vocabulary Drill词汇填空练习

1. Progress is based on improving products and ________ .

2. Technology is the ________ to making improvements.

3. Improvements can lead to customer ________ .

4. There have been huge improvements in ________ .

5. Improvements can involve ________ and efficiency.

6. Changing things is not ________ an improvement.

7. Changes need to ________ the consumer.

8. ________ experience is a good reason to make changes.

9. Manufacturing ________ can improve through technology.

10. Consumers may find it hard to keep ________ of changes.

communications systems

accuracy benefit

processes abreast

Practical always

satisfaction key

B Reading Practice阅读练习

Most things in the business world are subject to improvement, whether it be the product itself or in the related processes. It certainly applies in the manufacturing industries where the growth of technology allows new approaches for improvement.

In the service industries, the end product often involves dealing with people and providing a service to meet their needs and satisfaction. This can be a very demanding area and is always subject to improvement. Similarly with administration work, the end product is judged on its accuracy, timeliness and efficiency. Communication is an area that has seen huge advances in improvement, especially in respect to the cell phone. That product is undergoing a continual series of improvements as more and more features are added for the benefit of the customer.

The computer industry is another area which is subject to huge changes at an accelerated rate. While the industry sees these changes as improving their product it, sometimes, outpaces the

ability of its consumers to keep abreast,

Change for the sake of change is not always a viable proposition but, making improvements based on practical operating experience is, generally, completely justified.

Answer the questions below.

1. What are the principle aims for making improvements in the service industries?

2. What improvements have been made in the communications industry?

3. What benefits come from improving administration work?

C Presentation演讲练习 - Make a list of all the functions available on a modern cell phone and tell the class which ones you use and which you think are unnecessary.

D Role Play角色扮演

Student A: You are a customer wanting to buy a new laptop computer.

Student B: You are the computer salesperson.

Example questions:

1. Could you please explain all the improvements to these latest laptop computers?

2. What accessories can I attach to the computer?

E Discussion讨论

1. Are all the changes in cell phones a necessary improvement?

2. Should customer satisfaction be the principle motivation for making improvements?

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