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那些年 我们一起追的女孩 Those years together we chase girls

《那些年,我们一起追的女孩》 是台湾作家九把刀于2007年出 版的自传体小说。 "Those years, we together after girl" is Taiwan writer giddens published in 2007's autobiography.



《那些年,我们一起追 的女孩》是一部讲述几 位无忧无虑的青少年如 何面对成年和责任的成 长题材浪漫喜剧。 "Those years, we together after girl" is a story of a few carefree youth how to face the growth of adult and responsibility subjects a romantic comedy.

背后故事 Story behind


柯景腾,台湾彰化人,又名“九把刀”, 男,33岁。高三开始喜欢后座的女生沈佳 仪,沈佳仪是班中男生的梦中女神,为了 她奋力读书,尽管5年无果,最终成了好朋 友。2005年沈佳仪结婚,柯景腾受邀参加 婚礼后把自己的故事写成小说,2010年把 小说拍成了电影《那些年,我们一起追的 女孩》。 KeJingTeng, Taiwan changhua, also known as "nine knife", male, 33 years old. Three began to like the girl of the back seat ShenJiaYi, ShenJiaYi is class boys in a dream of the goddess, for she struggled to reading, although five years on fruit, eventually became good friends. 2005 years ShenJiaYi married, KeJingTeng invited to the wedding after his story written novels, in 2010 the novel, made into a movie "in those years, we together after girl."


柯景腾读国中时是一个成绩暴烂而且 又调皮捣蛋的男生,老师将他“托付” 给班里最优秀的女生沈佳宜。只要他 不认真学习,沈佳宜就会用圆珠笔戳 他的衣服。在沈佳宜的监督和鼓励下, 柯景腾的成绩就像芝麻开花节节高, 渐渐地,他也喜欢上了气质优雅的沈 佳宜。但是柯景腾却不敢向心爱的女 生表白,因为几乎被所有男生喜欢的 沈佳宜对追求她的男生一律有一种反 感,她只想好好学习,不希望别人介 入自己的生活。

KeJingTeng read where is a critical bad grades and terribly naughty boys, the teacher will he "surrender to the best ShenJiaYi girl in the class. As long as he doesn't study hard, ShenJiaYi will use a ball-point pen poked his clothes. In ShenJiaYi of supervision and encouragement, KeJingTeng grades as flowering sesame successively high, little by little, he also love the ShenJiaYi elegant temperament. But KeJingTeng but dare not to beloved girl to vindicate, because almost all of the boy like to be ShenJiaYi to pursue her boys all have a reaction, she just wanted to study well, not hope others involved in their life.


Classic lines

? 越是深沉的痛苦,代表我曾经爱得越饱满 ? The

more deep pain, on behalf of my loved more full

如果你讨厌你的情敌,意味着你除了讨厌他,其余的 都不能做。这只是证明你样样都不如他,无可奈何之 下,只好在情绪上做个敌对

。 ? If you hate your enemy, mean you in addition to hate him, and the rest were not to do. This is just proof that you are all behind him, helpless under, had to in emotional do a hostile.

没有火车经过,铁轨只是单调的线条。雨水也仅仅 是灰色的涂鸦斜线 ? No train passed, tracks just drab line. The rain is only gray graffiti diagonal lines

? 每个人心中

都有一个沈 佳怡 ? Everyone of your heart there is a ShenJiaYi



那些年,我们一起追的 女孩》抱走观众票选奖, 这是本地导演柯景腾的 第一部电影长片。 The Audience Choice's Award went to You Are the Apple of My Eye, which is the first fulllength film by local dire ctor Giddens Ko.


媒体评论 Media commentar y


《流星花园》制作人柴智屏说:“对我而言,九把刀的作品 可是具备了杀伤力,总是让我为了想阅读他的书而不能专心 工作。” "Meteor garden" producer ChaiZhiBing said: "for me, the blade of the work but has the power, always let me to want to read his books and I can't concentrate on my work." 知名音乐创作人方文山说:“如果李安是擅长用影像魅 力说故事的人,那九把刀就是把文字玩弄于股掌间,熟稔于 文字魅力的人。” Famous music (wenshan said: "if ang lee is good at glamour with the image of the story said, nine knife is playing with the text at the palm, familiarity between charm person. In the words"

? ?


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