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(The telephone rings while Jane is practicing the violin)

Jane’s mother:Hello.

Maria:Hello.This is Maria speaking.May I speak to Jane?

Jane’s mother:Wait a moment,please.Jane,stop practicing the violin and come to answer the telephone. Jane:Ok,mother.

(Jane answers the telephone)


Maria:Hello!What are you doing,Jane?

Jane:I’m practicing the violin.I will have a music match next month. Maria:Great,I hope you will win. Jane:Thank you.

Maria:What were you doing at this time yesterday?I called you to go to the English Corner but no one answered.

Jane:This time yesterday?Oh,I was taking a shower.

Maria:I see.There is going to be a Harry Poter show in English Corner.Are you free tomorrow?

Jane:Sure,that must be fun!

(In the English Corner)

The teacher:Welcome to our English Corner.Our show Harry Poter will start soon.Please have a seat.

Maria&Jane:Ok,thank you.


T:Good afternoon, class.

S全: Good afternoon, Madam Hooch.

T:Good afternoon, Amanda. Good afternoon.

Welcome to your first flying lesson.

Come on now, hurry up. Stick your hand over the broom and say, "Up." Harry:Up!



(李郑霖,邢洲华,叶康宁,张嘉程)Up. Up!

T:With feeling. Shut up, Harry.

On my whistle.(听我的哨子) Three, two....

李郑霖:Mr. Longbottom.隆巴顿 (邢飞出)

全: Mr. Longbottom! - Down, down!

李郑霖:Come back down this instant!

张嘉程:Everyone out of the way!

叶康宁:Is he all right?

T:Oh, dear, it's a broken wrist. Poor boy. Come on now, up you get. (邢站在桌子上,摔下来)

Keep your feet on the ground while I take him to the hospital wing. Understand?

叶康宁:Did you see his face? (坏笑)

李郑霖:Give it here, Malfoy.

叶康宁:No. How about on the roof? (飞出去狂笑着说)Can you?

张嘉程:Harry, no way! You heard what Madam Hooch said. Besides, you don't know how to fly.

李郑霖:Give it here or I'll broke your broom! (跟叶康宁对决,) 叶康宁:Is that so? (那就等着瞧吧)


张嘉程,云扬辉欢呼: Nice going, Harry. - That was wicked, Harry!

Harry Potter!

(After the show)

Jane:What do you think of this show?

Maria:It’s wonderful!

Jane:But I don’t agree with you.

Maria:Why?Isn’t it interesting?

Jane:No,I think it’s just so-so.The actors are not very good.But the story

is very exciting.

Maria:I agree with you.Do you like Harry Poter?I think he is cool. Jane:I don’t know about that,But I think he is very brave. Maria:Hmm,you are quite right.

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