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china's education

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Education as an important part of social life, with the development and changes of entire social, ,has taken place profound changes. Education has made important contributions to the prosperity of the country and the nation.

The establishment of a new socialist education system in China makes the vast majority of the population have the rights to be educated. It also brings up a large number of talents for the development of economy and society.

Although China's education has made great achievements,

many problems. Here I list 2 problems.

1. The way to select talented person

2. The education in rural area

As we all know, now the only way to select talented person in China is examination. That is to say, test a persons level by mark. The students study hard in order to get a good mark, but they are weak in practice,So I think such an approach is not very scientific. First, the knowledge in the exam only covers a small part of the book. Some people may know it by accident, while other people may not know it .Second , there are many causal factors existed in the process of examination, for example, what if someone feel sick in that day?

Furthermore, we should take more care of education in rural area. Rural education is the focus of education reform and development in China. Since the rural population accounts for the vast majority of the country's population, while very few people has accepted advanced education. Therefore, we need to develop rural education. In my Opinion,this is an important goal in our educational development. there are still

I want to give some advise. Of course they are only my hope.

Our government should provide a fair environment

so they can compete impartially. There is a wide gap between schools in

rural and city in hardware facilities and quality of teachers. Authorities can introduce relevant policies to encourage graduates to teach in rural areas. Also we can employ some excellent retirement teachers, but we have a necessary premise: our government must increase investment in rural education.

The above is my opinion on Chin’s education. I believe that China’s education is not pretty satisfactory and I hope that one day our education system will

be improved greatly. ,

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