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The Origin 0f West Lake

According to legend is in a long time ago, sky of yulong and silver river in jinfeng on which has found a white jade, and together they meditate for many years, white jade became a shining pearl, this big orb of bead light shine into, where trees are evergreen and beautiful flowers will bloom. But then the star orb is the heavenly queen discovered, the heavenly queen mother sent a heavenly generals will put pearls, because the yulong and hurried to the SuoZhu jinfeng, refused to, hence the harvards happened, the hand of a loose, pearl landed on earth, became the shimmering west lake, yulong and jinfeng also subsequently himself, became the yulong mountain (namely YuHuangShan) and phoenix, forever guarding the west lake


The West Lake scenic zone encompasses an area of 6 square kilometers. West Lake is an elliptical landscape with a water surface of 5.66 square kilometers, and a circumference of 15 km. Its famous scenic spots comprise Su Causeway, and Bai Causeway, which have partitioned the Lake into inner, outer and back lakes, Gushan (The Solitary Hill), Xiaoyingzhou (Small Fairy Island), Huxin Ting (Mid-lake Pavilion), Ruangong Dun (A mount after a provincial governor Ruangong) etc. In combination with the surrounding hills and streams, they make up the West Lake beautiful scenery.

Three Pools Mirroring the Moon 三潭映月

The three pools mirroring the moon is the largest island in the west lake .The area of it is 60,000 square meters. Its another name is “three ponds reflecting the moon”.

Su Causeway 苏堤春晓

? It's

a 2.8 km. long boulevard cutting across the south-north scenic area, and lined with trees and flowering plants. When Spring comes with crimson peach blossoms and green willows; the scenery is all the more charming. Strolling along the boulevard, one feels as if the West Lake were wakening in dawn mist. Young willows were ethereal, spring breeze so caressing, and birds were chirping in unison.

虎跑梦泉 dreaming of tiger spring at hupao valley
The legend goes that two tigers ran there and made a hole where a spring gushed out. The Longjing Tea and the Tigerrunning Spring water are always reputed as the "Two Wonders of the West Lake".

Leifeng pagoda evening glow 雷峰夕照


lingering snow on the broken bridge 断桥残雪

.autumn moon over the calm lake 平湖秋月

viewing fish at flower pond 花港观鱼

orioles singing in the willows 柳浪闻莺

云栖竹 bamboo-lined path at yunqi

Stir fried prawn with LongJing tea

Watershield soup

Wesy lake fish in vinegar gravy

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