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adj: late beautiful crazy lazy handsome cool tall short fat ugly

2.I am late. I am not late.

You are late . You are not late.

Are you late? Are you not late?

Why are you late? Why are you not late?

Who is late? Who is not late?

Who are late? Who are not late?

Are you late? --Yes,I am./No, I am


1.名词n:teacher student doctor worker farmmer actor scientist policeman policewomen helper keeper desk door book

2.I am a doctor I am not a doctor

You are a doctor You are not a doctor Are you a doctor ? Are you not a doctor ?

Why are you a doctor ? Why are you not a doctor ?

Who is a doctor ? Who is not a doctor ?

Who are doctors? Who are not doctors?

Are you a doctor ? --Yes,I am/No,I am not


1.介词短语prep:at home in Beijing in kaili on the desk in the classroom in front of

2.I am at home I am not at home

You are at home You are not at home

Are you at home? Are you not at home?

Why are you at home? Why are you not at home?

Who is at home? Who is not at home?

Who are at home? Who are not at home?

Are you at home? --Yes,I am/I am not


1.及物动词 后面必须跟宾语意义才完整的实义动词,叫做及物动词(transitive verb)。

2.I like apples I don't like apples

You like apples You don't like apples

Do you like apples? Don't you like apples?

Why do you like apples?Why don't you like apples?

Who likes apples? Who doesn't like apples?

Who like apples? Who don't like apples?

Do you like apples? Yes,I do/No,i don't

I play.... I go..... I want..... I listen.....


1.不及物动词 本身意义完整后面不须跟宾语的实义动词,叫做不及物动词(intransitive verb)。

2.I smoke I don't smoke

You smoke You don't smoke

Do you smoke? Don't you smoke?

Why do you smoke? Why don't you smoke?

Who smokes? Why doesn't smoke?

Who smoke? Who don't smoke?

Do you smoke? Yes,I do/ No, I don't

fly stop

1.我用am,你用are。is 用于 他, 她 ,它。

be有am ,is ,are. 过去有was,were.

单数名词用is ,复数名词用are.

I am you are she is

he is it is They are

we are my father is your mother is

2.I是第一人称,you是第二人称,she,he,it,your father ,your mother ,our teacher都是第三人称单数。they 是第三人称复数,her teachers也是第三人称复数。 人称代词表格

? 人称 单数 复数

? 主格 宾格 主格 宾格

第一人称 I me we us

第二人称 You you You you

第三人称 He him They them

? She her

? It it

形容词性-my your his her

名词性--mine yours his hers

形容词性- its our your their

名词性– its ours yours theirs

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