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张 氏 国 荣

风 华 绝 代

Miss you much ,Leslie…

In 2010 he was elected as the reason number one of “loving Hong Kong”
2010年,香港电台“爱香港的 理由”评选结果揭晓,第一名: 有张国荣

Know about Leslie

Leslie Cheung 张国荣(12
September 1956 – 1 April 2003),

nicknamed elder brother (哥哥), was a film actor and musician from Hong Kong.

His song

沉默是金 Silence is Golden 共同度过together

倩女幽魂Ghost Story

当爱已成往事When love has become the past

愛慕 (國語) (Admire)
為你鍾情 (For Your Love Only)

沉默是金 Silence is Golden 共同度过together

倩女幽魂Ghost Story

当爱已成往事When love has become the past

愛慕 (國語) (Admire)
為你鍾情 (For Your Love Only)

His movie

人思 风 生 及 影 生考 云 存 其 片 ”。 , 状 艺 用 。片 透 态 人 中 中射的的国 人出表生文 物一述活化 的股,,积 人中更有淀 生国通着最 经传过人深 历统几性厚 犹文十的的 如化年思京 “的的考剧 戏哲时和艺 梦学事人术

The film with Chinese culture the profound Beijing Opera Art and artists living, with thoughts and life state representations, even through several decades of current situation, reflecting a Chinese traditional culture philosophy thinking. Of the characters experience as " play dream life


Ghost Story
人生路美梦似路长 路里风霜风霜扑面干 红尘里美梦有几多方向 找痴痴梦幻中心爱 路随人茫茫
人生是美梦与热望 梦里依稀依稀有泪光 何去何从去觅我心中方 向 风仿佛在梦中轻叹 路和人茫茫

宁采臣 聂小倩

人间路快乐少年郎 路里崎岖崎岖不见阳光 泥尘里快乐有几多方向 一丝丝梦幻般风雨 路随人茫茫

不可超越的书生 宁采臣

只西很 要毒多 你,年 尝任之 试何后 过人, 什都我 么可有 叫以个 嫉变绰 妒得号 狠叫 毒做 ,

In the years to come, I'll be given the nickname: Malicious West.Well,everyone can be very

Days of Being Wild
世界上有一只鸟是没有脚的 它的一生只能够一直飞翔, 飞累了就睡在风中。这种鸟 一辈子就会落地一次,那就 是死亡来临的时刻 。

The world is a bird without legs which life has been able to fly, fly tired sleep in the wind. The bird

He played roles
Whether of dramas, comedy or action movies, he can shape a classic screen image in their own temperament and talent (无论是文 艺片、喜剧片亦或是动作片,他都能挥洒自如,并 以自己的气质和天赋塑造了一个个经典的银幕形 象) : 《倩女幽魂》中的宁采臣、《胭脂扣》中的十二少、 《阿飞正传》中的旭仔、 《霸王别姬》中的程蝶 衣、《东邪西毒》中的欧阳锋、《春光乍泄》中的 何宝荣都已成为留名影史的经典角色。


凯歌:“没有张国荣,就没有《霸王别姬》,这 部戏也是唯一在戛纳、金球奖同时赢得欧洲和好莱 坞认同的中国电影。” 吴宇森:“他是歌坛和影坛的奇才。” 葛优:“他是我认为的最优秀的演员之一。”

黄秋生看过《枪王》之后说:“简直把我吓到了, 他怎么可以演得这么好!” 林青霞:“在香港演艺圈像他这么重情义的人不多 了。” 梅艳芳:“哥哥这个人就是心肠好,他总是帮我, 但是很少麻烦我去帮忙。合作二十年来,我有心事, 他来倾听。我的苦恼,他来劝解。我受人欺负,他 出面来挡。参加活动,人潮汹涌,他马上护住我。”

People in the eyes of Leslie Cheung

Famous as he was, he’s never arrogant .
Once in Cannes International Film Festival ,he failed to be awarded the Best Actor, though nominated for many times. Facing the harsh media, he just said he will go on and never give up, and he thought the best is the next.

My opinion: he will always be my hero ,for he still take everything just so no matter who he is. He always have a humility heart.

Leslie has been actived in charity work during his lifetime , and always do his best to help others. He always make contributions to society in alleviating poverty, each year when fans wanting give his birthday gifts to celebrate his birthday , he’d better convert all the gifts into cash to contribute to charities.

Under his influence, his fans all together do their best for charity,
I think ,maybe this is the best way to memorize him.

His lover: Mr. Tang Leslie's love affairs always used as weapons to attack him, but he is still widely respected and recognized, of course, and his career is on the great achievements. "Forever and sometimes do, this love ever lasting," which is adapted from Tang Bai's famous line, give Leslie the elegiac couplet. To the present, Mr. Tang is still aliveliving in Leslie's home, he never tarried with love

April 1, 2003 is no longer just a April Fool's day, Leslie Cheung waved away, leaving countless love his people to use lifetime to miss 2003年4月1日不再仅仅是愚 人节, 张国荣挥手而去,留 下无数爱他的人用一生去怀念

He left that night, countless people remember him. Within a few days, the world's major news media such as the associated press and Reuters, Agene France-Presser, was reported, even CCTV " news 30 “reported the news of the death of a Hongkong artists. 他走的那晚,无数人缅怀着与他一起走过的青春年华。几天内,世界各大新闻媒体如路透 社、法新社、美联社等都做了报道,甚至中国中央电视台《新闻30分》都史无前例地报道 了一位香港艺人去世的消息。

In April 8, 2003, Leslie Cheung's funeral held at the Hongkong funeral parlor, during "SARS" period of the outbreak. but there still have forty thousand people from around the world in gathere

d in Hongkong funeral .f 2003年4月8日,张国 荣的葬礼在香港殡仪馆举行,当时正值“非典”爆发期,居民轻易不敢出门,但 是出殡当日仍然有来自世界各地的四万名群众冒雨聚集在香港殡仪馆周围,人群 占据了几条街道,成为香港史上最轰动的葬礼之一

巨星陨落 夕阳之歌

A few days before leaving the world,he kept telling friends want to live on. He had many friends,and many superstars love him.

Finally, let's end with a picture of today's lecture. Let us remember him forever.

Leslie ,

I can still remember


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