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The phenomenon of dependent on digital product

Mobile phones, computers, DVD, digital camera, handheld game, MP3, MP4, and IPAD are very common in our life

Do you go through these things?
Every day you open your computer, habitual opening QQ, checking email, opening the music player. If one day you don’t touch a computer, you will feel very uncomfortable.

Do you always put the phone on the body? If not take will be upset, you can't do other things? When a period of time a cell phone doesn’t ring, you will not feel adapt, and subconscious see if the cell phone has missed call notification?

If the above question your answer is yes, then you may well have already suffering from "computer addiction" and "mobile phone addiction".

Let us see the dangers of this


Often using computers maybe lead to cervical spondylosis

Communication among people seem to become cold. People are staring at their own small screen to see, ignoring the interpersonal relationships.

Dependence of electronic products, will have a strong desire or blunt move feeling, when reduce or stop using can appear general malaise, be agitated, easy to provoke, inattention, sleep disorders and reaction.

Although all sorts of electronic products bring joy and convenient for our lives, but at the same time we also gradually be bound by this convenience.

Sometimes these products are obstacle, and real harm of body and mind. From this aspect, away from the electronic products, enjoy low carbon life, is not only the need of environment protection, it is also important for you and me.

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