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Unit 1:good morning;monkey;panda;Hi;Teddy bear;dog;cat;Hello Unit 2:apple;banana;bamboo;cake;candy

Unit 3:duck;eel;elephant;fish;frog;girl;giraffe

Unit 4:house;horse;tree;ice;ice-cream;hen;kite;letter;jacket;bee Unit 5:read;lemon;lamp;mango;watermelon;pineapple

Unit 6:make;up;down;queen;orange

Unit 7:rabbit;snake;turtle;ruler;hop

Unit 8:ant;behind;cloud;umbrella;vest;window

Unit 9:fox;box;paint;brush;bus;eraser;zebra;pig;color;the

Unit 10:arm;animal;book;bike;bird;car;cap;cow;desk;door

Unit 11:8个人名(会读,分清男女);morning;noon;afternoon;evening Unit 12:red, yellow, blue, green, white, black, brown, purple, orange, pink, grey Unit 13:which, where, what, who, how many, here, there

sea, classroom, playground, zoo, swimming pool, beach, street, park, garden, bus stop(bus station), bookshop, shop, farm

Unit 14:one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, crocodile, panda, lion, elephant, fish, goat, sheep(ship), cat(kite), monkey, giraffe, window, door(doll), ball, sun, chair, table, tree, flower, bird, house(horse), car, bike

Unit 16:camera , mirror, jacket, toy car, doll, watch, friend(认读即可,最好能背)

认读:go bike-riding, go swimming, go skating, watch TV, play computer games, play hide-and-seek, play football


The monkey’s name is Munchy.

This is a giraffe. The giraffe is orange and brown. The giraffe has a long neck and four long legs.

The giraffe is eating.

Look at the pencil-box.

It’s red and pink.

It’s like a car.

In the pencil-box, there are pencils, erasers and ruler. What’s this/it?

It’s a/an … 单数

What are these/they?

They’re … 复数

umbrella:This is a yellow umbrella.

It’s beautiful.

I like it very much.

I want it, I like yellow.

window:This is a brown window.

It’s a big window.

I like it very much.

We can see blue sky, green tree and flying birds.

Nice to meet you.

What’What’s this?


Where are you going?

I’Happy New Year!

What has she/he got?

She/He’What do you like to do on New Year’s Day?

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