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James Joyce (1882- 1941)
The most prominent stream of consciousness novelist . His virtuoso/ artistic experiments in writing have recreated the form of modern novel.

Fearing the economic press and get rid of the family religious bondage . In 1902, when he was 20, he and Nora who he eventually married , went to Europe , successively in France , Switzerland , Italy. In 1905,they and their children lived in Trieste , Italy , supported by his job as a language instructor. After 20 years in Paris , early in World War Ⅱ , moved to Zurich , where he died in 1941.

Structure of the Story
Para. 1-4: background introduction. Para. 5-10: think of the two sides of going away. decide to go Para.13-14: think of the duty and responsibility to the family. hesitant to go Para.16-18: frightened by the misery of the mother decide to go Para.19-the end: totally at a loss about whether to go or not to go and at last fail to go

desire to escape desire for freedom
duty to the family

her conservative ideas

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