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Paint it in red. 把它涂成红色。??

Let’s go downstairs. 让我们到楼下去。??

Count off 报数。??

Be slowly, take easy. 慢点, 别着急。??

Fall in. / Fall out. 集合。/ 解散。??

Dry your hands with your towel. 用毛巾把手擦干。??

Use soap to wash your hands. 用香皂洗手。??

Turn the tap off

Show me your hands, are they clean / dirty? 让我看看你的手干净了吗? / 脏吗??? take your cup. 请拿你的杯子。??

Don’t spill your foods on the table. 别把你的食物洒在桌子上。??

Please finish it. 把它吃完。??

12. Would you like some rice or soup? 你想要一些米饭还是汤???

13. Eat properly. 好好吃。??

Wipe your mouth. 擦嘴。??

Let’s go out for a walk. 让我们出去走走。

It’s bed time. 午睡时间到了

Cover yourself up. 盖好被子。??

Put hands into the quilt. 把手放进被子里。??

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