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A Book Report of the Little Prince小王子英文读后感

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A Book Report of the Little Prince

Simplified version

Recently I read a book with the title The Little Prince by Antoine de Saint-ExupéExpiry .He is a France author and born in a rich family.

As a book for children at the first, The Little Prince is a clear book, as clear as the water. But now it is fit for adults, teenagers and children. It is a book about life and the lives of the fable. As the book said, the water on the heart is beneficial. And "Little Prince" can make people feel warm and fresh. The story is about a boy. He lives on a small planet. He is the only person of the planet. He is a lonely prince. Fortunately, a beautiful rose came in his life.

The gist of the story is as follows. The prince and the rose loved each other. But a little argument separated them. He left the planet which he lives, starts traveling. He went to many planets and met many different people. He likes to watch the sunset when he was sad. He found that people wanted happiness, but always pushed away happiness rudely. At last, he understood how to love each other. Love and life is a very important thing. He is very regret. He wanted to return to the planet which he lives. But he didn’t know the road. He chose to drink snake venom end his life because he thought it will be able to cast off his bulky body to go back. Every time, when I read "The Little Prince", I always moved about it. In real life, we often busy in the whole day, such as a fly without soul. The passage of time, childhood away, we grew up and took away a lot of memories, but we also have an oasis in the heart.

Because ‘The Little Prince’ story, we live in quiet, the heart has a hope and love, have touched on the responsibility of the life.

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