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Key words: go to the beach; go swimming; tonight; right now; right away; immediately; at once;

iron the pants; New Year’s Eve; the entire family;

celebrate the holiday with…; take a long vacation; finish high school; move to…; begin college;

save a lot of money; as you can see; look forward to …; get driver’s license.

Key sentences :

What am I going to do ? You are going to ….

Is he/she/it He/She/It is going to …

Are we/you/they You /We/They are going to ….

Homework :

1 抄写以上单词,词组,单词抄写四遍,词组两遍,翻译一遍,下次课听写哦 !

2 描述 你的2012 New Year ‘s Eve 要做的事情有哪些? What are you going to do on New Year’s Eve ?至少50字以内,不少于6句话。

3 听磁带预习P133-P137的内容,跟读10遍,将不理解的的单词,标注音标,再次跟读10遍。

4 完成练习册P101-P103页的内容。

5 完成下列问题,写在抄写本上。 对话线部分提问)

2. Cathy abd Dave are going to clean the windows 。(改成否定句)

3. My brother and I are going to study tomorrow .(改成一般疑问句) 对画线部分提问)

5.Mr. and Mrs. Brown are go to go to the library this morning .(将下列题进行改错)

6.We are going swimming .(将下列现在进行时改成一般将来时)

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