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21st century
The third group

toll: [英] [t?ul n. 税,通行税;通行费; (通行税等的)征收权;长 途电话

chaos [英] [?kei ?s] n. 混乱,紊乱;

Tolls cause chaos
The holiday toll-free policy was *hailed as a “free lunch” for road travelers. But it has turned out to be costly. Worse still, it caused “*indigestion”.
假日免费通行政策是被 道路旅客称赞为“免费 的午餐”,但它也被证 明是昂贵的,更糟的是, 它造成了“消化不良”

免费通行政策 vt.致敬;称赞 结果是;原来是 ; 证明是 costly adj.昂贵的 indigestion [? ?nd??dest??n,】 ? n.消化不良 classify into v.分类为 volume [?vlju:m] ? n.量,体积 toll-free policy hail [heil] turn out to be

China’s roads most costly

China has classified main roads into expressways (高速公路), and first-grade, second-grade, thirdgrade and forth-grade highways (一级、二级、三 级、四级公路) according to their traffic volume and function.

According to data collected by Anbound, 95 percent of China’s expressways, 61 percent of first-grade highways and 42 percent of second-grade highways are toll roads. China has 100,000km of toll roads, accounting for more than 70 percent of the world’s total of 140,000km

Banks must be clear on social responsibility
A young man, who lives in Shanghai, earns only 2,000 yuan a month but has 25 credit cards. Having got himself into deep debts, his parents had to sell their house to repay them We could easily blame the young man for his *unscrupulous spending habits, but the banks who issued the credit cards also played a role in this tragedy, When applying for a credit card, most people tend to focus on how much credit they get and neglect the amount of interest they have to pay. Bank clerks are *obliged to warn customers about interest rates, but few actually do so.

get oneself into 使卷入;使陷入 repay vt.偿还;付还 unscrupulous [英] [?n?skru:pj ?l?s] adj.肆 无忌惮的;毫无顾忌的 tragedy [英] [?tr?didi] ? n. 悲剧,惨剧;悲剧文学; oblige [英] [??blaid] vt使感到必须做 ?

How to behave well when abroad
Eating etiquette
In the West, table manners are extremely important and often viewed as an indicator of your family *upbringing or even the quality of your education. Eating quietly and gracefully is appreciated, as is showing *restraint.

etiquette: [英] [?et ??ket, } n. 礼仪,礼节;规矩;礼数 upbringing [英] [? ?p?br ????] n.养育, 培养,教养 restraint [英] [ris?treint] n. 抑制,克 制;控制,限制;拘束;

But take into consideration different cultural attitudes. In most Western countries, leaving food on your plate when eating at a friend’s place suggests that the host’s cooking skills are not to your liking. In other countries, however, finishing all your food could indicate that the host is not generous enough
take into con

sideration[英] [teik ? ?ntu? k?n?sid ?rei ? ??n] 考 虑到;顾及 liking [英] [?lak??] n. 嗜好;兴趣 ?

The latest iPhone 5 has *triggered yet another worldwide craze. We’re not pushing you to follow the *fad, but think about it: While an iPhone brings a lot of convenience into our lives, it also takes us on a search for the perfect phone case(手 机套).

trigger: [英] [?tri vt. ɡ?] 引发,触发 fad [英] [f? d] n. 一时的流 行;一时的风尚 Search for [英] [s?:t? f?:] 搜索,搜寻

So, what does your iPhone case say about you? Read on to find out

versatile: [英] Blue
[?v :s?tail] adj. (指 ? 工具、机器等)多用 途的

A blue case is *versatile and can be suited to both professional and social occasions. Your life is balanced carefully between work and fun.

Pink Pink iPhone cases are generally for the young women and show that you are into all things girly and like to enjoy yourself.

pastel [英] [p? ?stel}adj. 彩色的 demure [英] [d??mj ??]adj.端庄的、 拘谨的 showy [英] [? ???i:] adj.炫耀的、卖 弄的 Pastels

Pastels Cases with *pastel colors suggest that you’re more of a *demure character and prefer to add class to your phone without being *showy.

White White You like things clean, bright and simple. You’re probably very neat and like things to be well looked-after.

Today is an opportunity to get better . Don’t waste it.

今天是一个让一切 变得更好的机会, 别浪费


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