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英 语 测 试 卷



( )1. —What can you see in the sky? —I can see _____________ sun. A. a B. the C. × ( )2. —___________

—Very much. He thinks China is great. A. How does Mr Hunt like China? B. What does Mr Hunt like in China? C. Does Mr Hunt like China?

( )3. —Hello, Grace. Would you like to go to the library with me tomorrow? —Sure, I’d like to. ___________ does it open? —At 9:00. Let’s go at 9:30.

A. How B. When C. Where

( )4. —What does your father ___________ doing after work? —Drinking tea with some of his friends. A. want B. hope C. like ( )5. —Can I help you, madam?

—Yes, please. I want to borrow some books ________ Chinese medicine. A. in B. on C. from

( )6. —What’s ________ hobby? Are these model planes ___________?

—No. They are _____________.

A. Ann’s, her, me B. Ann, hers, mine C. Ann’s, hers, mine ( )7. —What do you usually do on Sundays?

—I have a lot of work to do on weekdays, so I just want to stay with my family

and ___ at weekends.

A. have a class B. have a rest C. have a meeting

( )8. —I want to know how you can speak such good English.

—Oh, I ______ it from a foreigner in the day. And at night I ____ English tapes A. study, hear B. learn, listen to C. study, listen to ( )9. —You look ___________. What’s wrong? —My bike is lost. Please help me find it. A. happy B. great C. worried

( )10. —I want some onions. —___________ do you want? —Two kilos. And ___________ a kilo? —One yuan a kilo.

A. How many, how much B. How much, how many C. How much, how much ( )11. —You often _________ to your friends on the computer, don’t you? —Yes. And I often send e-mails to them, too. A. listen B. tell C. talk

( )12. —___ your school clothes and _____ this T-shirt. It’s too hot here. —Oh, thank you, mum. I don’t like __________ school clothes. A.Put on,take off,putting on B.Put on, wear, taking off C.Take off, put on, wearing

( )13. —Hi, Jane. My leg’s broken. I _________ you in the hospital now. I ___________ go to school tomorrow. —Oh, I’m sorry to hear that.

A. am calling, can’t B. call, can’t C. am calling, don’t ( )14. —I must leave now. Thank you. Nice talking to you.

—___________. Bye.

A. I’d be glad to B. Me too C. All right ( )15. —Do you know Mr Pierre?

—Yes. He is new here. He is ______, but he works in _______.

A. France, English B. French, England C. French, English



4 give somebody a rid 5expensive 6 take one’s advice______________ 7 watch TV_____________ 8play football_____________________ 9 use a machine ______________ 10 have classes___________________ 三、选词填空(30分)

A: Hello are you 1)_________with your school life here ?

B: Yes our school is 2)_____________from other high school. We usually have 3)___________In the morning ,and goto factories in the afternoon. A: Do you like it?

B: Yes. I like to goto factories to learn practical 4)______________ A: What do you do in 5)____________

B: We learn how to use machines .there are 6)__________English words on the machines

A: So you must learn 7)___________well to read them B: Thank you for your 8)_________

Jane is a 9) _________in a large company . She gets up at 7:00 in the morning. Then she 10) ________.She leaves home at11) and 12) ________to work. At work, she helps her boss by finding information 13) ________. At 6:00 in the evening , she14) After dinner, she often 15) ________.She goes to bed at about 11:00 at night. 四、阅读理解(20分) To:Sam@hotmail.com Cc:

Subject: hello Hi Sam!

Great to hear from you! Guess what? I’ve got a summer job! I’m working at Disneyland! It’s very interesting!

In the morning, I usually greet the visitors at the gate. I answer their questions and give them a map of the park. In the afternoon, I help sell gifts. I really enjoy the job! I will work for two months. Why don’t you apply for a job here, too? We can have a good time together.

That’s all for now. Write back soon.



Decide true (T) or false (F)

1. This is an email. ( ) 2. Grace doesn’t work in the morning. ( ) 3. She works as a tour guide in a park. ( ) 4. She sells maps in the park. ( ) 5. She will work there for two months. ( )

It is March, but it is still cold in the north. It’s going to snow in Harbin today and the temperature could reach as low as-10℃.In Beijing,, it will be dry today with a light wind so it will be quite dusty . A light rain is going to fall in Zhengzhou this afternoon, so when you go out, don’t forget to take your raincoat or umbrella. The weather in Shanghai, will be fine today ,sunny but not too hot. And in Changsha it will be cloudy ,neither too hot nor too cold. If you go to Sanya today , be careful. There will be a thunderstom . Also it will be very hot with a high of 35℃. Decide true (T) or false (F).

1. Now it is summer. ( ) 2. There is no rain or snow today in Harbin. ( ) 3. Beijing is dusty today. ( ) 4. It is warm in Shanghai today. ( ) 5. Sanya will be very hot with a hihe of 35℃ ( )


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