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The pig & Watermelon

In spring, the mother pig took the little pig LuLu to the foot of the mountain. They planted some watermelon.

When summer came, there were many big round watermelons in the field.

One day, the sun was burning like a fire, it was terribly hot on the ground. The mother pig said to the little pig, "Lulu, go to the field to pick a watermelon back, ok?" Lulu said happily, "Ok! No problem."

Then he ran to the watermelon field. When he got to the field, he was happy to find so many big green watermelons. He chose one of the biggest watermelon and picked it from the vine. Then he held it with his hands trying to lift is on his shoulder to carry it home. "Wow! It's so heavy!" Lulu tried several times, but he failed. And he was socked with sweat. He wiped his sweat off and decided to have a rest.

Suddenly he saw the monkey Pipi. He was playing with a hoop. Lulu patted his head and said, "I've got it." He thought, the round hoop can roll, the watermelon round too, then it can roll too. He then put the big melon

on the ground and rolled it forward quickly.

At last he got home with the watermelon. The mother pig knew the story, she exclaimed, "My child, you're really clever!"

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