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金银岛 英文读后感 treasure islad

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Book Report of Treasure Island

1. About the Author.

Robert Louis Stevenson was a Scottish novelist, essayist, and poet, who contributed several classics to the world of children's literature. Stevenson was born in Edinburgh on November 13th 1850. His grandfather and father were civil engineering,made great achievements in the lighthouse construction. And they wished that Stevenson would take over their own enterprise. In 1867, Stevenson received his father’s decree to enter the Edinburgh University to study civil engineering. In fact, he loved literature when he was a child. So he asked his father to study literature, and was refused. But his father let him study law. Since childhood, however, Stevenson's natural inclination had been toward literature; eventually he took up letters seriously, soon making his way into the first rank of contemporaneous writers by the excellence of his style. In 1878 and 1879, he published two works of the theme of travel, since then the continued to publish works. In 1883, he published Treasure Island. The story was praised as The Best Work of Children’s Adventure Story as soon as the work was published. Since then Stevenson had became a famous writer. However, 1894, only 44-year-old Stevenson suddenly suffered from stroke,and died of illness in the Pacific south of the capital, Apia, Western Samoa and was buried in the local mountains overlooking the Pacific. Stevenson had a lot of famous works, such as Treasure Island, Kidnapped, A Child’s Garden of Verses and New Arabian Nights.

2. Background.

Treasure island is regard the Pacific islands as the background of the writing, the island is located in the distance Costarica coast 300 miles of sea, was pirates rest stop the 17th century, the pirates will predatory treasure in this outfit handling discharge, buried hidden for this unknown island. It’s sounds very mysterious .It is said that there are at least six place buried treasure, among them, the most attractive treasure-seekers is the treasure of Lima, Peru. The Treasure Island, which is also called the Youth Island, and now is a special administrative region of Cuba. It used to have the name of Treasure Island or also Pine Island. In the long 4 years of Spanish's ruling, this place is the paradise gathered by the world-famous pirates of the Caribbean , those who hide the wealth they robbed in the cave of the island, and it has the origin of the name.

3. Main Idea.

In the eighteenth century, British sailor boy Jim got the legendary map of Treasure Island from dying bill. In support of the local squire, they organized a team of expedition went to Treasure Island. The pirate leader Silver boarded the ship acted as a cook and his a group of men also acted as sailors on board. On the Treasure Island, Silver and his men occupied the ship by launching rebellion. The sailor boy saved the good men three times. Later Silver conflicted with the other pirates and decided to cooperate with doctor and Ben to deal with the other pirates. Finally, the good men gained the treasure. From the whole novel, we can see that the main character Jim originally was a timid and shy boy, however , Jim has obviously became a little hero after going through this adventure. As a kid, he saved the good persons three times, which showing Jim’s amazing resourcefulness and courage.

Though Jim is a kid, his courage and loyalty is admirable. Even though in face of the ferocious pirates, he can admit that what he had done, and he adhered to stand his ground that would rather die than cahoots with the pirates. In addition, it is also admirable that Jim kept his words. When Jim and the doctor had a conversation, Jim could run away. But Jim did not do it, because he had sworn to the pirate Silver. He gave up the chance to escape. I guess even the adult can not do this in order to keep his words. It can be said that Jim is a real man.

4. What can we learn from this novel.

In addition, to the surprising and exciting plot of the novel is that the central idea is worth thinking. The real intention of the novel tells us the love of humanity and justice often over evil. The main character Jim is the representation of justice, and finally he won, while the pirate Silver who is the representation of evil, finally was spurned by people. Besides, I can feel the money has a great temptation to human. In the novel money actually had changed the feelings between people, corroded the world and everything. Of course, money itself is innocent, but the material and greedy heart that drives people pursue the money by all bad means.

As an old saying goes: Gentleman’s love of money in a proper way. We should hold a right attitude toward money. At the same time, we need to know that bland pursuit of money finally become vain and greed and the desire will never bring us a better life.

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