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the third period

Teaching Aims;
1.read the text and master the main idea 2.enjoy the beatiful sentence 3.learn the key points and imitate the sentences

1. Between France and Spain is another mountain range---- the Pyrenees. (比利牛斯山脉) 介词短语位于句首,主语是名词,句子全部倒装 on a hill in front of them stood a great castle. on the wall hangs a picture. 2.France is Europe’s third largest country and faces the United Kingdom across the English Channel.

3.The United Kingdom is off the northwest coast of continental Europe.
4.Their work has influenced other writers ever since. 5.Twtenty percent of the country is covered by islands.

6.About two-thirds of France’s artists and writers live in Paris.
7.In terms of size and population , how big is the European Union compared with China. 8.The expanded European Union has a population of more than half a billion people, twice as big as the population of the United States.

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