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五年级英语下册知识点 ---- 句子对对碰

1. Match

1. Let’s go to the park. 2. Will you go to Beijing?

3. Where did you go yesterday?

4. Where are the books about animals? 5. I’ll buy you a new dress.

6. When will you visit your grandma?

A. I went to the park. B. They’re on shelf A. C. That’s a god idea.

D. Thank you very much. E. Yes, I will. F. At ten o’clock.

1. ____ 2. ____ 3. ____ 4. ____ 5. ____ 6. ____

2. Look and choose

1. What are you doing? A. I’m fine.

2. What are you going to do tomorrow? B. I’m writing a letter. 3. Is the letter from England? C. I went there last year. 4. How are you? D. No it isn’t. 5. When did you go to America? E. Mum.

6. Who is she? F. I’m going to help my parents. 3. Look and choose

1. Who did she go with? A. Yes, here you are. 2. Where is Haihou? B. I went there on foot. 3. What did Daming do there? C. It’s a good idea. 4. How did you go there? D. It’s in the south of China. 5. Let’s go to the park. E. He climbed the mountain. 6. Can I see your photo? F. Her grandparents.

4. Choose the answer

1. Did you go to the park by bus? 2. Are you ready for your trip? 3. What did Daming do? 4. Who’s going to help you?

5. What food did your Mum make?

6. Where are you going to go tomorrow? A. He helped Mum. B. Yes, I did.

C. I’m going to go to the zoo with Sam. D. I think so. E. Amy is.

F. She made some cakes.

1. ____ 2. ____ 3. ____ 4. ____ 5. ____ 6. ____

5. Listen and match.

1.Lili went to … a)…mother and grandmother.

2.Qingdao is in the … b)…in the sea.

3.She went with her … c)…Qingdao.

4.The weather was … d)…warm there.

5.Every day she swam… e)…east of China.

6.She ate … f)…happy.

7.They were very… g)…lots of fish.


1 Did she learn English ? A Two years ago. 2 When was Mr Li a teacher? B Yes, he did .

3 What is he learning? C By bus.

4 Is this your mother ? D He is learning English. 5 How do you go to school ? E No, she is my teacher. 4 . Where were you my grandmother . 5 . I miss the same .


1 . I watched lots of bikes .

2 . There were a programme about China . 3 . Nothing stays three week ago .

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