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小学课文She had eggs and sausages英文说课稿林秀清

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Unit 1 She had eggs and sausages

Hello! Everyone, it’s my plessure to share this lesson with you. Ⅰ. Analysis Teaching Material: Today I’m going to talk about Modul 3 Unit 1, New Standard

Primary English, Book 5. The title is “ She had eggs and sausages” . ⅡTeaching goal: 1. Knowledge objectives: Review the words: rice, cake, meet and milk The new structure: ____What did she have for lunch? _____She had sandwiches. The new words: fish and chips, egg, sausage, sandwich

2. Aims of ability: through studying the words, pronunciation, this class cultivates the students' ability of listening ,speaking, reading and writing. Developing the students' ability of observation and cooperation.

3. Emotion objective: Cultivate the students’ interest and cultivate their quality to help others.

4. The key points of the lesson: Learn to say the sentence pattern:

-----What did she have for breakfast/lunch/dinner? ------ She had____ for breakfast/lunch/dinner.And the 4 new words.

Ⅲ Knowing the students: The 5th Grade students they have two years experience to learn English.The active students are willing to participate in the class. They can imitate the ways and they like the fresh things. They are not afraid to the mistakes, they like singing and playing the game. They

also care about the teachers’ praise.

ⅣTeaching methods:

1. This class is mainly to study food name and discuss the food. In order to make students learn more words and sentences, I design an activity from the beginning to the end with food. They will sing a song in the warm-up exercise.

2. Before the new lesson, I will tell what I have for breadfast . And

then ask them“What did you have for breakfast?”And I am going to teach the key sentence pattern.

3. In the new lesson: through listening to the tape, the students cultivate the listening and language sense, they also can master the

pronunciation and intonation. I’ll show pictures to teach the words.

4.Group work: through the group work, they will cultivate their ability of listening and speaking.

ⅤSaid method

I use theTask-based Language Teaching , let the students learn the new content through finishing the task. And I also use the Total

Physical Responese Teaching, let the students concentrate themselves on the class. This class let students listen, guess, say and practice. Through the team cooperation and the exchanges, the performance and the game let the students feel different in the activities. It helps them to understand and memorize the knowledge well.

Ⅵ The teaching process

Step1 Warmp – up: a song"boy and girl" The purpose:let all the students pay attention to the class, and give the active air for the students.

Step2 Review Review the words: meat, noodles, rice, milk, cake

1. Today we are going to learn the Module 3 Unit 1 "She had eggs and sausages". We are going to review some words at first.

2. Have a chant. The purpose: review the knowledge learnt last class. A chant is the simple way to review.

Step3 New concepts

1. Learn the new words: fish and chips, egg, sausage, sandwich,

2. Use the pictures to help the teaching. The purpose: use the visual pictures to show out the new words, so the students can learn the new words easily.

2. Pairwork: the deskmates practise the words tegether, one student shows the pictures,and then the other student reads out the words. The purpose: let the students match the pictures and the words, and check the words.

3.The text knowledge introduction: listen to the tape, The purpose:let the students follow the radio,and strongthen the knowledge.

4.Role play,

The purpose:develop Students’ interest in English. And let the students be similar with the text.

5. A game: group members investigate what the group menber had for breakfast, show up the survey results, The purpose: cultivate the students' ability of speaking. Develop the students' ability of observation and cooperation.

6.Draw a conclution. In this step, I will guide the students to conclude the key words and sentences.

The purpose: stimulate students’ interests of learning English and widen their knowledge.


1. Introduce the food to your parents, 2. Listen and copy the new words for three times.

Ⅶ Blackboard design.

Unit1 She had eggs and sausages. ------ What did you have for breakfast?

------ I had _______for breakfast.

fish and chips sausage sandwich


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