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A lion and a little mouse

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A Lion and a Little Mouse

A lion was sleeping in the field. Suddenly, something fell on the lion’s body. L: “Who dares to wake me from my sleep?”

The lion jumped up and looked around. However, there was only a small mouse trembling. The lion held the mouse with his paw.

L: “You little mouse, you dare to wake me ? I’ ll swallow you up.”

The mouse trembled and said. M: “Mr. Lion , please forgive me , I slipped...” L: “Quiet!”

M: “If you spare me, I will repay you.”

The lion was surprised.

L: “Ha ha ha. How will a little mouse like you repay me?”

M: “I mean it. I will repay you.”

L: “Ha ha ha. What a funny fellow. Fine, I’ll forgive you. But don’t talk about repaying me or I’ll eat you up.”The lion was so amazed at what the mouse said. He let the mouse go.

One day, a large cry was heard in the woods. The lion was caught in a hunter’s net.

L: “Oh, I’m going to die now. I can’t believe I’m going to die like this.”

The mouse appeared in front of the lion. The mouse began gnawing at the net. The net broke and the lion was free.

M: “Are you alright, Mr. Lion?”

L: “Hey, you’re that mouse.”

M : “Heh heh. I told you I would repay you .” “You shouldn’t look down on me because I’m small.”

The lion shamefully hung his head.

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