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教学法100512197英语本科5班 Lesson Plan

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Lesson Plan

王姣姣 英语本科5班

Background Information

Students: first-year junior students

Lesson duration: 45 minutes

Teaching Objectives
say in English one's telephone numble flutently communicate with classmates about By the end of the lesson, students should be able to:

one's basic information ask and answer questions in oral
English have a diaologue with companies cofidently

Teaching Contents
first name, last name, adress, Can I help you?---Yes,please/No,thanks

Teaching Aids tapes, blackboard, chalk, PPT student ID

Teaching Procedures
Step 1. (5 minutes) Check the homework a. vocabulary b. "where are you from" Step 2 (5 minutes) Warm up a. show students the student ID b. talk about what information have been included on the student ID

? Step 3 learn the new words
10 minutes

a. use PPT to show some examples of foreign names, let students know the difference of "first name" and "last name". b. citing the address given in the textbook c. explain how to use the structure "Can I help you?" and the answers"Yes,please" or "No,thanks"

Step 4: Activity( make a student ID)
15 minutes
a. Group of 5, one student sit, others go to in front of himone by one and answer some information that was necessary to make a student ID (Requirement: the information must be true) b. the student who sat present the student ID he made c. Everyone can get a student ID after class

Listening Practise
Close the textbook, just listen to the tape and feel what's the difference in conversation between foreign people and chinese. ( 5 minutes)

Assignment (5 minutes)
? Learn more kinds of card, try to make an Identity Card Requirement: (the information can not be fabricated)

whether the teaching objectives achieved? students acquired information be expected?

Thank you watching !
By: Eve/王姣姣

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