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New Edition Superkids 主人公

Peter Mojo Beth Toni



Beth Green’s birthday is May 5. She has a younger brother. She likes gymnastics and soccer. She doesn’t like badminton and volleyball. She can’t juggle. She’s the best singer and the best artist. She has curly red hair and blue eyes. She always gets up early.

Chip Lee’s birthday is June 10. He is an only child. He likes soccer. He doesn’t like running, but he wins races. He’s the shortest, but he’s the best soccer player. He has black hair and brown eyes. Chip

Donny Baker joined the Superkids in Level 1. His birthday is March 8. He is an only child. He likes baseball, hockey, soccer, and ping pong. He doesn’t like volleyball or badminton. He’s the tallest and he’s the best actor. He has blond hair and green eyes.



Toni Clark’s birthday is October 11. She is the oldest in a family with four children. She’s athletic and likes badminton, tennis, ping pong, gymnastics, and soccer. She’s the oldest and she’s the fastest runner. She has straight black hair and brown eyes.


Peter Clark’s birthday is November 2. He is Toni’s younger brother. He likes volleyball, running, and badminton. He doesn’t like tennis or hockey. His favorite class is art. He’s the youngest and the slowest runner. He has brown hair and brown eyes.


Mojo is Donny’s mouse. His birthday is May 22. Mojo doesn’t know English very well, so he asks a lot of questions.

Lisa Clark is Toni
and Peter’s little sister. She is 4 years younger than Toni. Her birthday is in January.

Joey Clark is Toni and
Peter’s little brother. He is 3 years younger than Toni. His birthday is in December. He likes to eat and play soccer.

Jupiter and Pluto
Jupiter and Pluto are the aliens in Level 2. Jupiter is a boy and Pluto is a girl. They are about the same age as the SuperKids, but Jupiter is older.

Sandy Smith joins the SuperKids in Level 3. Her birthday is February 11. She is an only child. She uses a wheelchair. She likes ping pong. She can juggle. She’s the best chess player. She has brown hair and brown eyes.

Diego Garcia
Diego Garcia is from Mexico. He meets the SuperKids in Level 4. He stays at Chip’s house in Level 5. His

birthday is December 15. He
likes to build models and his favorite sports are soccer and baseball. He’s not good at chess. His cousin is Maria.

New Edition Superkids 1-6 级别故事发展的主线

一级: 围绕SuperKids在学校学习生活和家庭日常生 活展开话题。 二级: 两个外星人Jupiter和Pluto来到地球,与 SuperKids相识,围绕着他们在一起的学习和 生活展开。 三级: Sandy是搬到Toni家旁边的新邻居,她是一 个坐轮椅的小姑娘,从此走进了SuperKids的 生活中。

四级: SuperKids迎来了暑假,去世界各地旅行。旅行的路线依次为 澳大利亚、日本、墨西哥、(美国)纽约、韩国和(英国) 伦敦

,在这些国家他们接触了不同国家的文化,也认识了 很多好朋友。

五级: 来自墨西哥的Diego寄宿在Chip家。SuperKids即将在春天 举办一个国际狂欢节,届时会邀请他们在度假时候认识的 各国小朋友来参加。
六级: SuperKids又迎来了假期。他们分别到夏威夷、加拿大和南非 旅游。在那里,他们度过了惊险又刺激的假期。

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