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优贝斯国际少儿英语level one 2013年秋学期期末测试

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Listening 听力部分 (30分)

一. Listen and write. (选出所听到的字母或单词 10分)。

( ) 1.A.bt B.mq C. fd D. wi

( ) 2.A.if B.ox C.pd D.fw

( ) 3.A.wha B.bhf C.fmp D.voa

( ) 4.A.fine B.nine C.blue D. green

( ) 5.A.sing B.sick C.son D.sit

( ) 6.A.two B.ten C.toe D.turn

( ) 7.A.penguin B.eraser C.ear D.chicken

( ) 8.A. frog B. turtle C. tiger D. river

( ) 9.A. fly B. foot C. finger D. fingers

( ) 10.A.circle B.rectangle C. square D.triangle

二.Listen and circle. (圈出你所听到的字母的自然拼读音 10分)。

1. A K 2. M N 3. D T 4. G J

5. S Z 6. F E 7. X Z

8.Y I 9. B P 10.W V


( ) 1.A.How are you? B.How old are you?

( ) 2.A.Blue and yellow make green. B.Red and blue make purple.

( ) 3.A.I can play soccer. B.I can’t jump rope.

( ) 4. A. This is my arm. B.These are my arms.

( ) 5.A. Can zebras run? B. Can lions hop?

Writing 笔试部分(40分)



G H m f r d tree rock

FLOWER bike TURTLE ant spider


pencil brush my hair desk 3 jump rope doll wash my face

three play soccer

mouth ride a bike

六. 选出下列不同类的单词。(5分)

( ) 1. A. father B. mother C. kite

( ) 2. A. pencil B.eraser C.car

( ) 3. A. juice B. monkey C. elephant

( ) 4. A. run B. hop C. wash

( ) 5. A. flower B. big C. tree



( ) 1.---- is the doll. ----- It’s yellow.

( ) 2.----Would you like an egg? -----No, thank you.

----- a cake? -----Yes, please.

( ) 3.---- is she? She is my sister.

( ) 4.---- is the elephant? It’s in the lake.

( ) 5.---- ’s a pencil.

( ) 6.---- are you? ----I’m good.

( ) 7.---- I’m sorry. ----That’.

( )8.---- I have orange ball.

( ) 9.---- Excuse me. .


( )1. What’s that? ( ) 2. What are these? ( ) 3. What’s that?

A. That’s an old ball. A.They are turtles. A.That’s yarn.

B. That’s a new doll. B. They are elephants. B.Those are dolls.

C.It’s my bike. C. It’s a turtle. C. This is my ant.

D. This is my sister. D.It’s a train. D.They are my ants.


READING 阅读部分 (10分)

九.阅读。(10分) Hello! My name is Jerry. Here(这里) is an American boy. His name is David. He is ten. And I am ten, too. David likes blue, and I like blue, too. I don’t like yellow. Tim is David’s brother, they all come from America(美国), and they all live in China(中国) now.


A. is B. am C. are


A. eleven B. ten C. twelve

( ) 3. Jerry likes .

A. pink B. blue C. yellow

( )4. is David’s brother? .

A. Jerry. B. Mike C. Tim

( )5. David is now in .

A. China B. Japan C. America

SPEAKING口语部分 (20分)

十.Talk about yourself and your friend.( 谈谈你自己及你的朋友 8分)。 十一.Book test.( 书本内容测试 12分)。


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