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Comprehensive Tutoring Operation System



( )1.A. plane B. ship C. bus D. park

( )2.A.turn left B. turn right C. go straight D. zoo ( )3.A.hospital B. bookstore C. cinema D. stream

( )4. A. bus B. foot C. plane D. subway

( )5.A.traffic light B. red light C. green light D. yellow light ( )6.A. policeman B. driver C. clean D. engineer

( )7.A. book B. swim C. magazine D. dictionary

( )8.A. yellow B. green C. colour D. black

( )9. A.east B. west C. straight D. south

( )10.A.cloud B. rain C. vapour D. tiger


( )1. You can go there _____ , it’s not far from here .

A. on foot B. by bus C.by subway D.by plane

( )2..----_____ do you go to Australia?

---- I go by plane .

A. What B. How C.Where D.Can

( )3..----_____ is the school ?

---- It’s near the post office .

A. What B. How C.Where D.Can

( )4. Usually I go to school _foot.

A.by B.at C.on D.to

( )5.---__ can I go to Shang hai?

----You can go by plane.

A.Where B.What C.How

( )6. She sells things, she is a/an ( )

A. salesperson. B. artist. C. teacher.

( )7.My home is near the school .I can go by__.

A.plane B.train C.ship D.bike

( )8. You can go there by the NO.3 bus, then _____ left.

A at B turn C get

( )9. Where are you going _____ the weekend?

A this B on C at

( )10. -- Is it far? –Yes, so I am going by on_____.

A bike B train C foot

( )11. --_____ are you going to buy? --I am going to buy a pair of shoes.

A What B Where C Who



Comprehensive Tutoring Operation System

( )12. _____ are you going? I’m going at 8 o’clock.

A Where B When C What

( )13. The bike _____ the right is mine(我的).

A at B on C in

( )14. I’m going to buy a dictionary in the _____.

A cinema B bookstore C post office

( )15. _____ are you going this afternoon ? I’m going to the bookstore.

A Where B What C When

( )16. In the evening ,I often _____ TV at home.

A look B watch C read

( )17. --Excuse me , how can I _____ the nature park?

A get to B get off C go

( )18.The post office is near the hospital __the right.

A. of B. to C. on D. at

( )19. What does your father .

A. does. B. do C. doing.

( )20.—Where is the cinema ,please?

--It’s __to the hospital.

A.near B. next C.in front of

( )21. She is engineer.

A. a B. an C.the

( )22. does your brother work? ——In a hospital.

A. Where B who C. What.

( )23. He in a bank.

A. works B. work. C. working

( )24. What does your mother do?

A. She is a teacher. B. I am a teacher. C. He is a teacher. ( )25. Does your father work in a factory?

A. Yes, he does. B No, he does. C Yes, he doesn’t.


A. get B. next C. go D. by E. near

( )1.I go to England __plane.

( )2.My home is __the liarbry.

( )3.You can __to the park on foot.

( )4.The cinema is __to the hospital.

( )5.You can __to school by bike.


( )1. How do you go to school? A. You can go by the No.5 bus.



Comprehensive Tutoring Operation System

( )2. Can I go on foot? B. No, it’s not far.

( )3. How can I go to the zoo? C. Sure, if you like.

( )4 .Is it far from here? D. You’re welcome.

( )5 .Thank you very much. E .Usually I go on foot.

( )6. Where is the bookstore? F. My home is near the cinema.

( )7 .What are you going to do? G. I am going at 3 o’clock.

( )8. Let’s go to the zoo? H . I’m going to play football.

( )9 .When are you going? I . It’s east of the cinema.

( )10 .Where is your home? J. Great.


Linda and Mary are good friends. Linda is an American girl. Mary _____ from London. They _____ in the same school. Linda’s parents_____ in a school. They teach English. They____ cooking and eating Chinese food. They can speak Chinese. Mary’s mother is a salesperson. She can _____ beautiful blouses and dresses. Mary’s father _____ in a factory. He_____ cars. He_____ doing housework. Now he _____doing the dishes. They are going to_____ pictures next weekend.


1. I’m going to the Great Wall _____ _____.(今天下午)

2. Sarah is going to visit her grandparents _____ _____.(下周)

3. Mike is going to the _____ _____ (邮局) tomorrow.

4. _____ (在哪里) is the shoe store, _____(请)?

5. _____ _____ (笔直走)for 10 minutes.

6._____ _____(打扰一下),is there a cinema near here?

7. _____ _____(左转)at the cinema .it is on the left.

8.First,walk _____(南)for three minutes.

9.My father _____ _____ _____(阅读杂志)after lunch.

10.Zhang Hua is a(an) _____ (会计),She _____(喜欢)drawing pictures. VII、阅读理解,(20分)

(A)Jim is eleven. He comes from London. He usually goes to school by subway. He is a baseball player. After school, he usually plays baseball.

His father is a teacher. He goes to work early and gets back home late. He usually goes to work by bus. Sometimes he goes by bike.

Jim and his father go to the nature park every weekend.

( ) 1. Jim is ______. A. 11 B. 7

( ) 2. Jim is an _______ boy. A. American B. English



Comprehensive Tutoring Operation System

( ) 3. Jim often plays ______ A. baseball B. basketball

( ) 4. Jim’s father works in a _____ . A. hospital B. school

( ) 5. Jim’s father _____ early and gets back home late.

A. goes to school B. goes to work


Mike:What are you going to be,John?

John:I like math,so I'm going to be an accountant.

Mike:What about you,Zhang Peng?

Zhang Peng:I like helping people,I can work for the police. So I'm going

to be a policeman. What about you,Sarah?

Sarah:I like singing, so I'm going to be a singer. And you? Wu Yifan? Wu Yifan:I'm here. I like cleaning the streets,so I'm going to be a cleaner.

( ) 1. John is going to be an accountant.

( ) 2. Zhang Peng likes math.

( ) 3. Sarah wants to be a singer.

( ) 4. Wu Yifan doesn’t like cleaning the streets.

( ) 5. Mike is going to be a policeman.


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