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1、 圈出不同类的单词。

(1)A telephone B juggler C teacher D student

(2) A donkey B horse C farmer D lion

(3) A skirt B dress C shirt D squirrel

(4) A nurse B doctor C feather D dancer

(5) A thirty B mother C forty D sixty


(1) My arm hurts. I need a__________ .

(2) My mother is a teacher. She_________ in a school.

(3) I like_________ . They can produce milk.

(4) The dress is 800 yuan. It’s pretty, but it’s too_________ .

(5) I want a new dress. Do you have _________dresses?


(1)What size do you want? Yes, he does.

(2) Does Jack like rabbits? He’s a farmer.

(3) What does your father do? Size 25, please.

(4) Do you have any shoes? Yes, I am .

(5) Are you a teacher? Yes, I want a shirt.

(6) Can I help you? Yes, we do.


(1)—What_________ he do?

—He is a worker.

A does B do C is

(2) —Are you a teacher?

— _________ .

A Yes, I do. B No, I not . C Yes, I am

(3) —Is she a vet?

— _________.

A Yes, she is . B Yes, she does. C No, she is

(4)—Who is he?

— _________ .

A He is a pilot. B He is Ken. C He is a boy.

(5)—How are you now?

— _________.

A I am not. B I am all right now. C How are you?

(6) —Do you know him?

—Yes, _________.

A I do B I does C she do

(7) Ben is a vet. He works in a_________ .

A school B zoo C park

(8) —

_________ she like sheep?

—Yes, she .

A Does, do B Does , does C Do , does

(9) —Do you know horses?

—Yes, I do. I know them_________ .

A a lot B a lot of C many

(10) — What does your mother do?

— _________.

A She is a nurse. B She is my mother C He is a doctor.


I have a happy family. There are five people in my family. My grandmother is a farmer. She’s a kind woman. My mother is an English teacher. She loves her students very much. My father is a doctor. He works in a hospital. I have a sister. She is nine years old. She likes singing. I am a student. I am good at English. I like my English teacher.

(1) There are four people in my family. ( )

(2) My mother is a teacher. ( )

(3) My father is a teacher, too. ( )

(4) I like English. ( )

(5) My grandmother is a doctor. ( )

(6) My sister is nine. ( )

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