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一、China________ Canada________ UK________ USA________ pupil________

student________ he________ she________ teacher________

二、father________ mother________ sister________ brother________ dad________

man________ grandmother/grandma________ woman________ grandfather/grandpa________

三、long________ big________ short________ fat________ small________

thin_______ tall________

四、under________ in________ on________ car________ desk________

boat_______ chair________ ball________ map________ cap________

五、apple________ grape________ watermelon________ pear________ banana________

strawberry________ orange________

六、seventeen________ sixteen________ eleven_______ thirteen________

twenty________ fifteen________ fourteen________ twelve________ eighteen________ nineteen________

boy________ and_______ girl______ new________ friend_______ today ________ family________ children________ so________ tail________ giraffe________ toy________ box________ buy________ fruit________ kite________ beautiful________


t__n 十 d__g 狗 b__g 包 p__g 猪 d__ck 鸭子 __range橙子 s__x 六 h__nd手 __nder 在…下面 l__g腿 d__d爸爸 f__n有趣的 p__n钢笔 b__x盒子 m__lk 牛奶 r__n跑步 r__d红色的 c__t猫 b__dy 身体 b__g 大的 给单词归类

1. long 2. father 3. USA 4. banana 5. seventeen 6. grandfather 7. on 8. student

9. big 10. boat 11. fifteen 12. UK 13. thin 14. dad 15. fourteen 16. in

17. watermelon 18.grandma 19. eighteen 20. Canada 21. mother 22. tall 23. apple

24. small 25. eleven 26. sister 27. orange 28. twenty 29. under 30. fat 31. China

32. thirteen 33. strawberry 34. bother 35. short 36. grandpa 37. pear 38. twelve

39. grape 40. grandmother 41. sixteen

国家:_________________________________________________________________________ 家庭成员:______________________________________________________________________ 形容词(高的矮的等等):________________________________________________________ 方位词:_______________________________________________________________________ 水果:_________________________________________________________________________ 数字:_________________________________________________________________________


1. Wow! It’s so tall. 2. I see twelve. 3. It’s on the chair. 4. Yes, I do./No, I don’t.

5. I’m from the UK. 6. OK! 7. He’s my father. 8. Yes, he is.

9. I have sixteen./ Open it and see. 10. No, she isn’t. 11. She’s my mother.

12. Yes, it is./No, it isn’t. 13. Sorry, I don’t like grapes.

1. Where are you from? ——________ 2. Who’s that man? ——____________

3. Who’s that woman? ——________ 4. Is she your mother?—— ___________

5. Is he your father? —— _________ 6. Look at that giraffe. ——__________

7. Where is my cap? ——_________ 8. Is it in your toy box? ——__________

9. Have some grapes. ——_________ 10. Do you like pears? ——__________

11. How many kites do you see? ——_____ 12. How many crayons do you have? ——_____

13. Let’s go home.——___________

Let’s do

1. Be fat. Be fat. Be fat, fat, fat!

Be thin. Be thin. Be thin, thin, thin!

Be tall. Be tall. Be tall, tall, tall!

Be short. Be short. Be short, short, short!

2. Big, big, big! Make your eyes big.

Small, small, small! Make your eyes small.

Long, long, long! Make your arms long.

Short, short, short! Make your arms short.

3. Put your foot under your chair. Put your hand on your chair.

Put your arm in your desk. Put your hand under your desk.

4. Row a boat. (划船) Bounce a ball. (拍球) Drive a car. (开车)

Put on a cap. (戴上帽子) Read a map.(看地图)


1. They taste really good.

2. What about you?

3. Don’t feed the animals.

4. An apple a day, keeps the doctor away!

5. 10 and 8 makes 18.

6. 4 times 5 makes 20.

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