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1. 所有单词 2. 前天所学知识点 3. 规定的复习单元

Module 1

一、单词 1. impress短语 二、短语 2. look forward to sth./doing sth. 三、课文 3. 否定转移及反意疑问句 四、知识点(笔记 + 导学案) 4. 倍数表达方法 五、语法(-ed形容词与-ing形容词 5. cover词义 一般现在时+现在进行时) 6. 前者如何,后者也如何 六、句子
7. that/those 指代 8. 分开短语:divide into/separate from

1. 这姑娘的幽默感给她的朋友留下了深刻的印象。 The girl impressed her friends with her sense of humor. The girl’s friends were impressed by/with her sense of humor. The girl’s sense of humor left a deep impression on her friends. 2. 我所期盼的假期最后终于来了。 The holiday I was looking forward to came at last. 3. 这口井是那口井的三倍多/半倍深。 This well is over three times as deep as that one. deeper than the depth of

4. be nothing like… She is nothing like her father. There is nothing like a hot bath after a day’s work. 5. 青岛的气候与北京的气候有很大的不同。 The climate in Qingdao is quite different from that in Beijing. 6. 听到这个令人激动的消息,她眼里充满了激动的 泪水。 When she heard the exciting news, her eyes were full of excited tears.

? 【用法归纳】 ? ⑴一般现在时 ? ⒈______________________________ 表示经常性,习惯性的动作或存在的状态 常与often ,usually, always, sometimes, every day, once a week 等时间状语连用。 如: ? What do you usually wear in winter in your country, Harry? 主语的能力特征和性格 ? ⒉_______________________________ 如; ? Mary dances well while his brother writes well. (对话中的 ⑤ 就属于此类用法) _____ 表普遍真理和客观存在的事实 如: ? ⒊_______________________________ ? The moon moves round the earth and the earth travels round the sun. (对话中的____ ④ 就属于此类用法)


表计划、安排好的将来的动作, ? ⒋_____________________________ 常用于以下动词,如go, 常用于转移动词 come, start, leave, arrive, begin, return等。如: ? Please find out when the train leaves. ? The work starts at seven every day. ? ⒌特殊用法:在时间或条件状语从句中用一般现在时表示将来。 ⑦就属于此类用法) (对话中的___ ? ⑵ 现在进行时 表说话时正在进行的动作 ? ⒈____________________________ 。如; ? My mother is washing my clothes at the moment. (对话中的 ① ____就属于此类用法) 表现阶段正在进行的动作 ? ⒉_____________________________ 。(对话中的__ _就属于 ⑥ 此类用法) ? I’m preparing for the final exam these days.

? ⒊与always, forever, all the time 等连用, 表示 赞美、厌恶 反复出现的动作, 含有_________ 等感情色彩。 如: ? He is such a man who

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