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牛津小学英语6Bunit6单元检测试卷 班级______________ 姓名_______________ 成绩________________

听力部分(30分) 一、听录音,选出你所听到的内容。(听两遍)(10分)

( )1. A. plan B. play C. plane

( )2. A. concert B. contest C. computer

( )3. A. rain B. rainy C. raining

( )4. A. picnic B. picture C. project

( )5. A. out B. aunt C. outing

( )6. A. America B. Australia C. Africa

( )7. A. winter B. windy C. window

( )8. A. snowmen B. snowman C. snow

( )9. A. by the way B. ask the way C. the way to

( )10. A. play the piano B. play the violin C. play the guitar


( )1. A. At 4:30 B. Next week. C. A moment ago.

( )2. A. I’m going to the park. B. I’m going to fly the kite. C. Yes, I’d love to.

( )3. A. Yes, speaking. B. Yes, I’m Gaoshan. C. Yes, I am.

( )4. A. It’s warm. B. I like spring best. C. Because I can fly a kite.

( )5. A. Yes, they do. B. No, he doesn’t. C. Yes, she does.


It’s Sunday morning. It is ___________and ___________. Yang Ling and Nancy don’t _________ _________ today. They are __________ about their __________ for the ______________ in Yang Ling’s room. Nancy is going to see a __________. Yang Ling is going to __________ ___________ in a singing contest.



1. We are going to _____________________________(看京剧) tomorrow.

2. Are you going to play _________________________(在音乐会上)?

3. Would you like to ___________________________(加入我们) ?

4. I’ll _____________________________(和…一起来) my mother.

5. Shall we __________________________(野餐) in the park?

6. He is going to ________________________(去远足)next week.





( )1. Nancy will play the piano __________ the concert.

A. of B. on

C. at

( )2. We can have ____________ outing in __________ spring.

A. a; a

A. What; with

A. do B. an; an B. Would; of C. an; / ( )3. ------ __________ you like to come ?-------- Of course, I’ll come _______ them. C. Would; with C. does ( )4. What is he going to _____________ this evening ? B. did

( )5. People ___________ to go camping.

A. likes B. like C. liking

( )6. ------ Who __________ farther ? ------ ____________.

A. jumps; David B. jumps; David is C. jump; David’s

C. best

C. this, speak

C. do; look at

C. rainy; raining ( )7. Which season do you like __________, spring or autumn ? A. well B. better ( )8. Is __________ Gao Shan ? Yes, ____________. A. that; speaking B. that, speaks A. are; look at B. do; see ( )9. What animals ___________ you going to _____________? ( )10. It’s often ___________ in Su Zhou. Look, it’s ___________ now. A. rains; rainy B. rain; raining

( )11. The bus stop is ____________ the theatre.

A. in the front of B. in front of C. on the front of

( )12. Ben ________ visit Cangwu park.

A. want to B. wants C. wants to

( )13. We _________ Mr Green in the hotel next Sunday.

A. met B. will meet C. are meeting

( )14 How ___________ is the Garden Theatre from here ?

A. about B. many C. far

( )15. __________ do you like autumn ? Because it’s cool .

A. Why B. which C. when


1. Nancy’s bag is heavier than _______________(we).

2. Are you good at ____________ (jog)?

3. It’s ____________(hot) than in Beijing.

4. Yesterday, my sister ______________(come) back ___________(late) than today.

5. My brother _________________________ (be) a teacher next month.

6. It often ____________(rain) in spring.

7. Shall we _______________(see) a play ?

8. Would you like to join ______________(I)?

9. They ______________________________ (make) snowmen next winter.

四、按要求完成下列各句子。(5分) (对划线部分提问) __________ __________ _________ going to ________ this afternoon?

2. There are two new zebras in the zoo. (改成单数句)

There ________ ___________ new zebra in the zoo.

3. Helen is going to catch the insects in the park this Sunday. (改为否定句)

Helen _________ __________ to catch the insects in the park this Sunday.

4. in, meet, we, park, front, one, shall, o’clock, the, of, at (连词成句)?


五、 根据中文提示,完成句子翻译。(10分)

1. 明天你们将要干什么? 我们将要去野餐。

What __________ you _________ to _________ tomorrow ?

We are going to _____________ ___________ ____________.

2. 我姐姐准备去伦敦工作五年。

My sister is ____________ __________ work ______ London ________ five years.

3. Helen 来自哪里? 她来自美国。

Where ___________ Helen __________from ? __________ from America.

4. ------你想加入他们吗? ------ 是的, 我很想。

------- Would you __________ to join _____________? ------- Yes, I’d ________ to.

5. 你可以乘坐1路公交车在第二个停车站下车。

You can ________ bus No.1 and _________ ___________ at the __________ stop.



( )1. Is Wang Bing as tall as Liu Tao? A .You can take bus No.3

( ) 2 .How can I get there? B. No. It’s about a kilometre away.

( ) 3 .What’s the weather like there in summer? C .Only one.

( ) 4 .Is it far from here ? D .Yours is .

( ) 5.Which season do you like best? E .Me, too.

( ) 6 .Can you show me the way to the park? F. I like winter best.

( ) 7. How many stops are there ? G. Sure .Come with me .

( ) 8 .I’m good at Maths. H. Yes, he is .

( ) 9 .Whose pencil is longer, yours or mine? I .Mike is .

( )10 .Who’s taller ,Tom or Mike ? J. It’s cool.



Today is the 1st of May, it’s sunny, many people are on holiday. They are going to go out of the door. They look so happy. Helen and her good friends Nancy are going to the park, but they don’t know the way, on the road, they meet their English teacher Miss Li. Miss Li is telling them the way.

Miss Li telling them that’s a long walk to the park, and if they go there on foot, they’ll use more time so she suggest(建议) that they can take bus No.5,the bus stop is in front of the school.

After that, Nancy and Helen arrive(到达)at the park, they have a good time there.


( )1.Today is May Day.

( )2.Helen doesn’t know the way to the park.

( )3.Miss Li doesn’t know the way to the park,too.

( )4.Nancy and Helen can’t go to the park.

( )5.Nancy and Helen are having a good time.


Bill likes sports. His favourite hobby is football. He often talks about football matches.

One morning, Bill said he was ill. His mother called a taxi and took him to the doctor . The doctor asked Bill,“What’s wrong with you, young man ?”Bill answered ,“I’m feeling ill. I’m coughing and having a headache . I can’t go to school today.” The doctor examined(检查) him carefully ,and then asked his mother ,“What did he have for breakfast?” His mother said,“He had four pieces of bread ,two eggs, a bottle of milk and an orange .”The doctor smiled, ”Don’t worry . He will be fine soon. The boy will be all right after the football match.” The mother said,“I don’t understand, doctor.” The doctor smiled again,“There is a football match this afternoon on the TV. Your boy doesn’t want to miss it .I think your son gets better after the game . You wait and see.”

( )1. Bill and his mother went to see the doctor _____that morning.

A. by bus B. by taxi C. in a car

( ) 2. Bill had _____ for his breakfast.

A. an egg B a lot of food C some bread

( ) 3 The doctor didn’t give Bill any medicine ,because _______ .

A .Bill was not ill. B. Bill didn’t go to school. C. Bill’s mother didn’t have any money.

( ) 4. There was _______ on TV.

A a football match B. a funny film C. a volleyball game

( ) 5. What did Bill want to do ?

A. He wanted to have a big lunch. B.He wanted to take some medicine.

C. He wanted to watch TV at home.

八、同学们,你们的周末都做些什么呢?你是如何分配学习的时间和玩的时间的呢?请你用第一人称来为这个周末作一个合理的计划。 (有效句子不得少于5句)(5分)

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