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原 级 good / well many / much little ill / bad / badly far old 比较级 better more less worse farther / further older / elder 最高级 best most least worst farthest / furthest oldest / eldest

注:older 一般指年龄大小; My father is older than my mother. elder指长幼关系(一般修饰名词作定语); My elder brother is a driver. farther指距离更远; further指抽像的. I want to study English further. further reading

形容词等级的用法 1、A+谓语动词 +比较级+than+B,表示“A比B…” I’m more outgoing than my sister. He works harder than me.

2、Which/Who+be+比较级,A or B,表示“A和B,哪
Which is better, this one or that one?


3、… is the +比较级 + of the two. Tom is the taller of the two boys. 汤姆是这两个男孩中 较高

4、…数量 + 比较级 than … My father is three years older than my mother. 5、比较级+ and + 比较级, “越来越…” Now it is hotter and hotter. 现在越来越热

thinner and thinner,

taller and taller, better and

etter, more and more, more and more beautiful 6、The + 比较级…,the + 比较级… “越…,就越…” The more , the better. 越多越好。 The more you eat, the fatter you will become.你


用括号内词语的正确形式填空 1 The flowers are very ___ . (beautiful) 2 Jack plays football ___ than Dick. (bad) 3 Jim works ___than Tom. (hard) 4 The girl sings ___than the boy. (loudly) 5 The sun is _______ than the moon. (big) 6 Which question is ___,this one or that one? (easy) 7 I have ___hair than Anna. (short) 8 I can sing ____(loudly) and ____(clearly) than her. 9 The flower is pretty _____(beautiful). 10 He is too ____(tired) to walk.

选择填空 1 You know ________ about it than Tom does. A. even little B. even less C. more little D. more less 2The earth is getting ________ . A warm and warmer B. warmer and warm C. warmer and warmer D. warm and warm 4 Which one is ________ , football or basketball? A. much more popular B. popular C. popularer D. much popular 5 Which city is ________ , Beijing, or Fuzhou? A beautiful B the more beautiful C a little more beautiful D the most beautiful 6 I think P.E. is ________ any other subject(其他任何一 门学科). A. the more important B. the most important C. as important than D. more important than

配套练习册Unit 3作文

I think friends are like sunshine(阳光). They often help me and give me hope. My best friend is Han Mei. She is a happy girl. She is very tall and heavy. She is more outgoing than me and she plays basketball better than me. She often plays the piano when she is free and she enjoys reading, too. She often makes me happy and likes listening to me. We like sharing everything together. She brings out the best in me. We’ll be good friends forever(永远).

? 一样是没有必要的。我最好的朋友Larry与我很 不

一样。他比我更高更、更外向。我们都喜欢运 动,但他网球打得更好,因此他总是赢。然而, Larry经常帮我显现出最好的一面。所以我网球 打得更好了。不过,Larry不太勤奋,我总是比 他取得更好的成绩。因此也许我应该更多地帮助 他。 ? 我真的不介意我的朋友与我一样还是不同。我 最喜欢的格言是:‘真正的朋友是一个可以援手 帮助你并且让你感动的人。’我最好的朋友 Carol确实很善良并且很滑稽。实际上,她比我 认识的任何人都滑稽。去年我的胳膊断了,但是 她让我开心并感到更好。我们可以谈论并分享每 一件事情。我知道她很关心我因为她总能听我倾

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