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Module 2

My family

Vocabulary 词汇
? grandparents, grandmother, grandfather ? parents, mother, father(对应词) ? uncle, aunt, cousin(s) ? son,daughter,brother,sister

Vocabulary 词汇
? this, these, that, those (远近,单复)
? --Is this your family? --Yes, it is. ; No, it isn't. --Are these your cousins? --Yes, they are. ; No, they are not./ they aren't.

Vocabulary 词汇
? on the left, on the right

? on one's left, on one's right
? on the left of, on the right of ? in front of(范围之外), in the front of (范围之 内) ? next to

Vocabulary 词汇
? man, men; woman, women ? policeman, policemen; policewoman, policewomen ? husband

? at the bus station, at the police station, at the train station ? a hotel manager

Vocabulary 词汇
? at the same hospital, at the same school, in the same class ? theatre, theater; the manager of a theatre ? on the farm; farmer; farm worker; shop worker

Vocabulary 词汇
? 1.一般在名词后面加上“s”,map→maps, bag→bags 等; ? 2.以s, sh, ch, x等结尾的词加“es”,bus→buses, watch→watches等; ? 3.以辅音字母+y结尾的词,变y为i加es,baby→babies 等; 以元音字母+ y结尾的名词变复数时,直接加s, monkey→monkeys, boy---boys; holiday→holidays,; ? 4.以o 结尾: 加s的名词有:photo→photos , piano→pianos, radio→radios, zoo→zoos 加es的名词有: potato→potatoes tomato→tomatoes

Vocabulary 词汇
? ? ? ? ? 不规则变化 foot, tooth, child, man, woman 等 单复数同形 Chinese, Japanese, sheep, deer, fish fish: 1 当作一条条鱼讲时,不可数 2 当作鱼肉讲时, 不可数 3 当作种类讲时, 可数

Unit 1 Is this your family
? This is a photo of Tony's family (名词所有格) ? Lily and Lucy's book(单数,共有的,作主语时谓语动词 用三单式,be动词用is); ? Lily's and Lucy's books(复数,各自的,作主语时谓语 动词用原形,be动词用are)

Unit 1 Is this your family
family---families 感叹句:What a big family! What a big family it is! What +冠词+形容词+名词!

Unit 1 Is this your family
? 重点句子

? 1 Are these your grandparents? Yes, they are. ? 2 My mum's parents are on the left, and my dad's parents are on the right. ? 3 I see. ? 4 The woman next to her is my dad's sister. ? 5 Who are the boy and the girl in front of Paul? ? 6 Those are Paul's son and daughter. ? 7 In the photo

Unit 2 These are my parents
? nurse, doctor, teacher, bus driver, manager, actor, policeman, farmer, farm worker ? hospital, school, bus station, theatre, police station, farm

Unit 2 These are my parents
? 询问某人工作 1 What is + 人? What is your mother? (She)My mother is a nurse. What is Tony Smith? He is a hotel manager. 2 What is one's job? What is your uncle's job(可数, work不可数)? My uncle's job

is at a police station

Unit 2 These are my parents
? 重点句子 1 We're American. 2 My mother is the manager of a theatre. 3 These are my parents. 4 My father's job is at a police station. 5 She's an English teacher at a school. 6 She and Daming's mother are at the same hospital. 7 My father is a bus driver in Beijing. 8 What is your mother's job?

Unit 2 These are my parents
? ? ? ? ? ? ? I she he it you we they ? ? ? ? ? ? ? my her his its your our their

? 导学与训练 P40-42

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