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Lesson 5

Let’s chant

Opposite words


young old tall short long short thin strong big small
new old active quiet

Is it hot? Yes, it is.

Look & say

Is it cold? No, it isn’t.

Is he tall? Yes, he is. Is he short? No, he isn’t.

Is she young? No, she isn’t. Is she old? Yes, she is.

Answer the questions:

1、Who’s that young lady? 2、Is she strict? 3、Is she quiet?

Let’s talk

Answer the questions:

1、Who’s that young lady? She’s our principal. 2、Is she active? No, she isn’t. 3、Is she quiet? Yes, she is.

Let’s talk

A: Who’s the young man?
B: He’s …. A: Is he …?

B: Yes, he is. A: Is he …?
B: No he isn’t.

Who’s …? Is he/she …? Yes, he/she is. No, he/she isn’t.

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