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一、Look at the pictures, then write down the missing words or phrases.看图,写出相应的单词或短语。(10分)

二、Choose the right answers.选择填空。(5分)

1.What do you do ____the weekend?

A.on B. in C.at

2._____season do you like best?

A.Which B.What C.How

3.Kate ____ playing chess.

A.am B.is C.are

4.Can I speak ___John?

A.for B to C.on

5.--- ___ they taking a picture?

--- Yes, they are.

A.Am B.Is C.Are

三、Read and match.将问题与相应的答案连起来。(5分)

1. What are you doing? A. Yes, they are.

2. Is her birthday in June? B. It's may the 5th.

3. What's the date? C. I'm answering the phone.

4. What do you do on the weekend? D. Yes, it is.

5. Are they doing an experiment? E. I often going hiking.

四、Rearrange the words.根据提供的标点符号,把单词组合成完整的句子。(10分)

1. they, cathing butterflies, are(?)

2. when, get, do, up, you(?)

3. play sports, I, at, 3:00, usually(.)

4. do, why, winter, you, like(?)

5. mountains, I, sometimetimes, climb(.)

五、Fill in the blanks with the following words.用所给的词语或短语填空。(8分)

John: What you see?

Mike: I see two John: What are they ?

Mike: They water.

John: Can you see the ?

Mike: Yes, it 六、Put the following sentences in order.把下列句子按顺序排列,使之成为一段通顺的对话。(6分)

( ) A.He is in the woods.

( ) B.Where is Zhang Peng?

( ) C. Yes, he is. They are play toghter.

( ) D. Is he taking picture?

( ) E. No, he isn't. He is playing chess.

( ) F. Is John playing chess, too?

七、Read and answer the questions.阅读短文,然后回答问题。(6分)

My name is Tim. I'm eleven years old. My birthday is October 2nd. It's in golden fall. The

weather is cool and sunny. It's my favourite season. My father's birthday is in October, too. Can

you imagine(想到)it's on the same(同一) day! We can enjoy ourselves on that day together!

Usually we go hiking or fly kites. Sometimes we have a picnic. We have a lot of fun on that day!

1. When is Tim's birthday? What's the date?


2. What do Tim and his father do on their birthdays?


3. Which season does Tim like best?

____________ ___________________________________

八、Look and write.看图写话。(10分)

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