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一.找出不同类的 一个,把它序号写到前面的括号里: (10分)

1.A.active B.kind C.pen
2.A.Tuesday B.tall C.Friday

3A.eggplant B.red C.blue 4.A. pork B. beef C. Mr 5.A.two B.air-conditioner C. mirror


( E )1.What day is it today? ( D )2.Good morning,class. ( C )3.What do you have on Thursdays? ( B )4.Can you see the books? ( A )5.What do you do on Sundays?

A. I watch TV. B. Yes, I can. C. I have math and P.E. D. Good morning, Miss Zhang. E. It’s Sunday.

三.选择正确的答案: (10分) 1.--Is your father tall? --No, he _____. A A. isn’t B. are C. is

2.-Who’s your math teacher? A -______.
A. Miss Fan B. He’s five. C. He’s tall.

3.---Do you like beef? B ---_______. A. Yes, I like. B. Yes, I do. C. Yes, you like.

4.---What day is it today? C ---_________. A. It’s sunny. B. It’s cool. C. It’s Sunday.

C 5.---What can you _____? ---I can sing and dance. A. sing B. dance C. do

四.连词成句: 10分

1.often I do Sundays homework on (.) I often do homework on Sundays. _____________________ 2.Your short is sister (.) Your sister is short. _____________________

3.English Who’s teacher your (?) Who’s your English teacher? _____________________ 4.I for like beef dinner(.) I like beef for dinner. _____________________

5.favourite your food What’s (?) What’s your favourite food? _____________________

五.阅读短文,判断正误,正确的打勾, 错误的打差. (10分)

I’m Sarah. I have three teachers, a math teacher, an art teacher and an English teacher. My math teacher is Mr. Zhou. He’s tall and strong. My art teacher is Miss Yu. She’s young and pretty.

My English teacher is Miss Liu. She’s thin and short. She’s very kind. I like them(他们)very much. 1.I have two teachers.( ) 2.My art teacher is old. ( )

3.My English teacher is Miss Liu. ( ) 4.My math teacher is tall and strong. ( ) 5.Miss Liu is very kind. ( )

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