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Book4 Unit5

What do you like? Look at this dress. It’s pretty.

What do you like? Look at this T-shirt. It’s colourful.


Look at this dress. Look at this dress. It’s pretty! It’s pretty!
Look at this T-shirt. Look at this T-shirt. It’s colourful! It’s colourful!

Look at that ….



It’s expensive.


It’s cheap.

Work in pairs
How much is ...? It’s...yuan.

¥25 ¥100

¥30 ¥200

How much is that colourful dress? Very expensive, very expensive! How much is that pretty skirt? Very cheap, very cheap! Good! I want(想要) this skirt.

Listen and answer the following questions.

? Q1: What does Amy want to buy? (Amy想买什么?) A dress. ? Q2: How much is it? It’s ninety-nine yuan.

Team work
Arranging a shopping play. 自编购物情景剧

A:Can I help you ? B:I like... .It’s... . How much is it? A:It’s...yuan. B: Good. .It’s cheap. I want it. /Sorry. It’s too expensive.

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