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五年级第六单元练习卷 2011

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姓名____ 分数____

一、 翻译下列词组20

1. 做家务活 2. 在家

3. 今天下午 4. 扫地

5. 怎么样……? 6. listen to music

7. wash clothes 8. help me with my Maths

9. make a cake 1 0. draw pictures


( ) 1. —Hello, is that Su Hai?

—Yes, __________.

A. I’m Su Hai. B. this is Su Hai. C. that is Su Hai.

( )2. —What are you ______?

—I am _______clothes.

A. doing; wash B. do; washing C. doing; washing

( ) 3 .Look, Nancy is ______ her homework.

A. making B. having C. doing

( ) 4 —Can you come and help me with my English?

—Sure. How _______ this afternoon?

A. about B. of C. in

( ) 5 Do you like ______?

A. run B. runing C. running

( ) 6—Let’s ______ the floor.


A. sweeping B. sweeps C. sweep

( )7 Su Hai and Su Yang ________ watching TV.

A. are B. / C. is

( ) 8 David can _____. Look, he _______ in the garden.

A. dance; dancing B. dancing; is dancing C. dance; is dancing.

( ) 9 Who’s _____ in the playground?

A. walk B. walking C walks

( )10 like . I can .I’m now.

A. skiing, ski, skiing B. ski, skiing, skiing C. skiing, skiing, skiing



( ( ) 47. A. ( (


四 找出有错误的一项 10

( )1. Please come and help I .


( )2. What is she do?


( )3. His washing clothes.


( )4. Don’t running in the library.


( )5. Do you like read books?





( )66. Can you swim?

( )67. What are you doing?

( )68. What can you do?

( )69. See you this afternoon.



Mary’s family are all at home. Her father, Mr Smith is sitting on a chair near the window. He is reading a book. Mary is in her room. She is listening to the radio. Tom and Sam, Mary’s brothers, are not playing. They are doing their homework. Kate, Mary’s sister is cleaning her bike. Where is Mrs Smith and what is she doing? She is in the kitchen and she is making some cakes.

( ) 56. There are _______ people (人)in Mary’s family.

A. four B. five C. six D. seven

( ) 57. Mary is in the room. She is _______.

A. listening to the teacher B. watching TV

C. doing her homework D. listening to the radio

( ) 58. Kate is _______ her bike.

A. riding B. cleaning C. standing near D. looking at

( ) 59. Mrs Smith is _______.

A. in her room B. sitting in a chair C. in the kitchen D. reading a book

( ) 60. Tom and Sam are Mr and Mrs Smith’s ________.

A. friends B. sons C. sister and brother D. students

A. See you. B. Yes, I can. C. I’m reading. D. No, I’m doing my homework. ( )70.Are you free now? E. I can swim.




(A) 听录音,给下列图画标上正确的序号,读两遍。(每小题1分,满分5分)

1. What are the boys doing?They are running.

2. What is the man doing? He’s reading newspaper.

3. Is the girl drawing?No, she is reading a book.

4. Is the boy riding a bike?Yes, he is.

5. Are the girls drawing?Yes, they are.

(B) 听句子,选出你所听到的内容,读两遍。(每小题1分,满分10分)

6. The students play basketball after class.

7. Helen is jumping in the playground.

8. We are doing our homework.

9. Nancy would like to sweep the floor.

10. There is a map of the world on the wall.

11. The students are sitting on the chairs.

12. Su Hai and Su Yang are in the library.

13. David is running over there.

14. The telephone is ringing.

15. There is a glass on the table.

(C) 根据所听的问句,选出正确的答句,读两遍。(每小题1分,满分5分)

16.What is Mrs Black doing?

17.Can you dance?

18.Let’s go and play basketball.

19. Is Gao Shan a teacher?

20.Is there a slide in the park?

(D) 根据所听对话及问题,选择正确的答案,读两遍。(每小题1分,满分5分)

21.A:Hi,Nancy. What are you doing?

B:I am washing clothes. How about you, Helen?

A:I am watching TV.

Question:What’s Helen doing?

22.A:How many boys are there in your class?

B:21. And there are 21 girls in my class,too.

Question:How many students are there in your class?

23.A:What are you doing,Mike?

B:I am playing the guitar.

Question:What can Mike do?

24. A:Can you come to my home, Helen?

B:OK. See you this afternoon, Yang Ling.

Question: What time can Helen come to Yang Ling’s home?

25. Su Hai and Su Yang are doing housework. They are cleaning their bedroom.

Question: Where are Su Hai and Su Yang?

(E) 根据所听短文,判断正误,对的写T,错的写F,读三遍。(每小题1分,满分5分)

It is three o’clock in the afternoon now. Classes are over. Mike and Yang Ling are making a puppet. They can make very well. Nancy is walking with Gao Shan and Liu Tao . Su Yang and Helen are not in the classroom. They are in the library. Perhaps they are cleaning the windows in the library. Su Hai is singing in the music room and her friend is dancing there. They are very happy.


(A) 听录音,给下列图画标上正确的序号,读两遍。(每小题1分,满分5分)


(B) 听句子,选出你所听到的内容,读两遍。(每小题1分,满分10分)

6.B 7. C 8. A 9.B 10. C

11.C 12. C 13.A 14. A 15. B

(C) 根据所听的问句,选出正确的答句,读两遍。(每小题1分,满分5分)

16. B 17. A 18.B 19.B 20. A

(D) 根据所听对话及问题,选择正确的答案,读两遍。(每小题1分,满分5分)

21. B 22.B 23.A 24.B 25.A

(E) 根据所听短文,判断正误,对的写T,错的写F,读三遍。(每小题1分,满分5分)

26.T 27. T 28. F 29. F 30. T



31-35 BCCAA

36-40 CCACB

41-45 CABCB


46.C 47.A 48C 49.A 50.A


51.A 52.A 53 C 54.B 55. C

56.C 57.D 58.B 59.C 60.B

61.T 62.F 63.F 64.F 65.T


66.B 67.C 68.E 69.A 70.D

71 that 72.this 73.is 74.fine 75.doing

76.watching 77.How 78.about 79.doing 80.See

六、词汇运用 (共10小题;每小题1分,满分10分)

81.is playing 82. don’t go 83. jogging 84.to play 85. are

86.help 87. walking 88. jump 89. sleep 90.family


91. is 92.doing 93.aren’t 94.any 95. Is

96.any 97.play 98.violin 99.are 100 swimming

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