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pep六年级下册第二单元B.let's learn

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1. A. Let’s read. 2.Answer the questions. ①How do you feel if you have the flu?
I feel sick. I have a headache. I have a fever. I have a sore throat. I have a sore nose.

②What you do if you have the flu?
See the doctor. Drink hot drinks. Stay in bed . Take some medicine.

? Listen to the song. ? The way I feel. ? (Open your book at P24.)



How does he feel ? happy sad He is _____________ .


? How does she feel? tired ? She is very _____.


Wow!Wow! Great!!

? How does he feel? excited ? He is _______.


? How do they feel? angry ? They are ______.


? How does he feel? bored ? He is ______ .

bo r e d

1.r g a n y ( ) 2. a s d ( ) 3.h p p a y ( )

4. c i e x e d t 5.o r b e d ( ) ( )

6.t e r i d ( )

? 1.将下列单词按项归类: A. bored B. have a cold C. broken leg D. excited E. hurt F. sad G. tired H. fever I. angry J. stomachache K. happy L. sore nose (1)病痛: (2)心情:

? 2.将单词补充完整; t_ _ed an_r_ exc_t_ _


ha_ _y

? Homework : ? 1.抄写let’s learn单词, 每个抄三行, 每行5个并造句。 ? 2.完成练习册的对应练习。

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