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( )1. A. father B. mother C. parents D. brother ( )2. A. foot B. bus C. bicycle D. car

( )3. A. cinema B. supermarket C. restaurant D. places ( )4. A. how B. what C. when D. where ( )5. A. take B. get C. walking D. see


1、i u e m n t ____________ ( )

2、a k t m r e ____________( )

3、i e n m c a ___________( )

4、e t u a t r s a r n __________( )

5、u e m r e s p r a k t ___________( )

三、 翻译下列短语。(16分)

1、a lot of __________ 2 、on foot_________

3、post office__________ 4、how long __________

5、a few ____________ 6. get to __________

7. go to school_________ 8. half an hour_________


1. It takes him half _______ hour to the library.

A. a B. the C. an

2. Joe lives far away _________his school.

A. to B. with C. from

3.He goes to school ________bus,then ______foot.

A. on ;by B. by; on C. on ;in

4. I see some shops,_______ restaurants and ________people when I’m on the bus.

A. few little B. a few a lot of C. a few lot of

5._______does it take you to get there?

A. How long B. How much C How many


1.walk现在分词__________ 2. take单三形式__________

3.minute复数形式__________ 4.live单三形式_________



1. how does long take you it to get school to ____________________________________________________

2. does he how to school go


3. you like from school do or near far away


4. takes five them it about minutes

5、do go how to you school


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